Monday, January 11, 2016

Gokana L.G.A in Rivers State Under Attack

In what appears to be a reckless and needless show of force, Gokana Local Government Area has been placed under siege. Sources from the Gokana local government report that the blockade began early this morning.

“We saw Senator Magnus Abe and Dakuku Peterside arrive with a truck of over 200 army and security officials. We thought they were just passing through until the soldiers starting shooting.” Baridolere, a trader said.

Persistent shooting through the day has caused many of the residents in the area to flee, with families reportedly forced to run into the neighboring woods for cover. Just how many people have been wounded or killed is currently unclear. Calls for a restoration of order have been ignored.

The current offensive is likely to be one in a series of steps currently being machinated by the APC to wrest control from regions that they hold little sway in. Following the humbling loss of the Bayelsa State election, the APC has come under increased pressure to win in Rivers State—and gain a strategic foothold in the Niger delta. Many within the party view the Rivers State election as the party’s last hope of securing a south-south state.

Many political analyst; however, believe that an APC victory in Rivers State is unrealistic and quite impossible. Eight months ago, the PDP won the Rivers State election in a landslide victory, garnering close to the 92% of the votes. Governor Wike’s strong standing with the residents has only grown even more.

Watchdog is working to get pictures of the sieged town. Details to follow shortly.


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