Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ghanaian Actress Jackie Apiah is Tired of Men As a Result of Too Many Heartbreaks? [Photo]

Is star-actress Jackie Appiah trying to tell us something with her T-shirt?

Since her divorce from the father of her son, Jackie Appiah has been rumoured to be dating a Nigerian actor which she has never confirmed.

That’s literally been it—we’ve not really had much to say about her love life and now, she seems to be excitedly telling us that ‘No Boyfriend…No Problem.”

Let’s hope she has not given up on men; because she is still young and she has a long way ahead of her—she could surely spend the rest of her life with a worthy man.

We all know the feeling when you sometime begin to feel like men are not worth the headache, especially the ‘annoying’ boyfriends.

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