Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finally Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Son's Picture and Guess What?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed son Saint West into the world weeks ago. Did Kanye finally reveal the first photo of Saint West to the world? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren’t unlike the majority of Hollywood, meaning they choose not to broadcast photos of their babies right after they give birth.

Most celebs choose privacy when it comes to their new babies, even the likes of social media queen, Kim Kardashian. I guess some things are held sacred by Kim after all.

So it looks like daddy, Kanye West is the one who decided that it was time to introduce his son, Saint West to the world. Well, sort of. The photo above shows what looks like North West feeding what we would guess to be her little brother, Saint West a bottle while he sits in his swing.

The picture was shared on a random Kanye West Instagram account that we can’t assume belongs to the actual Kanye West. The simple caption stated, “everything.” A perfectly stated sentiment that says a lot about a father looking his children.

Wetpaint also pointed out that the baby in the photo has a lot more hair than North West did at that age. Could that mean this isn’t really the West kids after all? Or does Saint West just have a really good head of a hair a little earlier than big sis, North West did?

For being on social media nearly 24/7, I find it hard to believe that Kim Kardashian wouldn’t be posting photos of her new baby right after, if not before her hubby, Kanye West is? Hopefully this just means that there will soon be a real photo of Saint in the near future that will include his cute, little face. Will he look just like his big sister, or will he already be completely unique?

Kim is sharing baby stuff with us, just not pictures yet. She Tweeted in the wee hours of the morning, “This 4 am feeding really kills me. I’m like delirious.” Haha! All moms can vouch for understanding those sentiments. We do have to give her kudos though.

Kim Kardashian was up for her morning jog just a few hours later, showing her commitment to losing the baby weight. When most new moms would rather be sleeping, Kim is out pounding the pavement.

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