Sunday, January 24, 2016

EXPOSED: See Why Ice Prince Can't Dump His Cheating Girlfriend? [Photos]

According to naijagistlive, Ice Prince has been dating Ejiro Enaohwo for some time & they see anytime he is in NY. Recently on his trip to New York for the NEA Awards, allegedly Ice spent 3 days PLUS NIGHTS with Ejiro as the two stayed in the same hotel room. It was also reported that she was backstage holding hands with Ice Prince at one event.

Ice Prince with Ejiro's family

Ice Prince has added her picture in his group pictures of NY with no tag, wished her a happy birthday & she is always promoting him on her page (mind you, that is how we found @2niteflavour babes; he added them without tagging them & they were always adding his album promo on their pages).

There is definitely some closeness between Ice Prince & Ejiro. Ejiro is fine, family oriented & has a career so she does not need to swing off the coat tails of others like some jobless hair promoters.

Looks like she was with him the entire trip

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