Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo Trying to Snatch Lionel Messi's Girlfriend? [Photo]

Okay, this happened yesternight at Zurich Switzerland, during the FIFA Ballon d'OR annual award in which Barcelona star, Lionel Messi emerged winner to become FIFA best player of the year 2015...during the gala night....Cristiano who is known for his love and flirtation with beautiful women was seating near Lio....and he seized the opportunity to shake Lionel Messi's pretty girlfriend also sitting beside Lio....but guess what?

Neymar seems to know Cristiano's games...so to protect his innocent team mate, Lio...Neymar decided to give Ronaldo that 'stop it' eye...and I am sure Cristi decoded and maintained....lol....men and women

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