Friday, January 22, 2016

Blogger Blast Ice Price: Your Girlfriend is a 'Runs Girl' Dump Her!

Dear Ice Prince Zamani,

I need to clarify a few things because u seem a but confused about dis whole mess. D original story on Maima is something I CREATED FROM A TIP. A female messaged me from her REAL account. She is close to Akin & Maima. She thought it was wrong Maima was cheating on u so she told me about dere trip together in Paris/London. When I now landed dere pages, ma detective eye saw d matching dates & backgrounds to create d pic frames dat r circling all d blogs.

Someone copied my work & sent it to Stella, & others followed which is how d truth got lost in translation.

AKIN NEVER WANTED TO BE EXPOSED. It is not him dat is trying to claim her or chase her publicly. He is a married man, no married man wants to disgrace his family. Why else would he lock his page and change his name? Obviously he’s embarrassed by being caught.

I know Maima fed u some bullshit about her in law being dere, Will Collins. But what u need to understand is Maima & Akin have been seeing for a long time. He knows all of her friends and family. He is her only sponsor, he has taken Bebe & her son & Maima on trips to Miami, he paid for her maintenance, bought her a car & she is always msging him for money & asking when she will see him so she can flaunt she is a world traveller on Akin’s dime. He took her to Dubai which is where she got her chest piercings. U can confirm all dis with Maima but am sure she is still lying as females do when caught.

When u started tweeting against him, he added a photo of Maima & Will to prove it’s a family relation. He even added Charles Nkewa office to try to PROTECT MAIMA not disgrace her. But no one saw dat but me.

U may not want to hear dis but I was told years ago, Akin went to Ghana & uses dis woman to introduce him to other women, Maima was one of d girls Akin picked. (And am being courteous of ur feelings with dis story) BUT U NEED TO FACE FACTS. DON’T BE NAIVE. She is one of many lazy woman dat does not want to work but live off Akin & ur fame. Stop making her popular for d next man. Keep ur relationships off social media.

I know love is blind, but u r embarrassing ur self not seeing what is clearly infront of u. Stop siding with Maima, make her admit d truth & stop making Akin d villian. How dare u anyway? He is d reason u even found her attractive because d guy has fixed & upgraded her from d ground up like a true constructionist.

I know a lot of copy & paste bloggers have been stealing my work but don’t have the facts straight.

D way u r trying to drag this man is so wrong.

Maima needs to be a woman & grow up. She needs to admit to u dat she has previously & recently went to see Akin.

I know u r a God fearing person, don’t get caught up in woman’s lies to disgrace another human being & make him out to be the bad guy!

You need to tweet & apologize to Akin. Let it be something like “I want to apologize to Akin, I KNOW now he did not expose or try to claim Maima, some new info is brought to light, I know the truth now & I am working through it.” People will respect you more, your fans will appreciate you & d people dat know d truth about Akin will not make you out to be a fool. DO NOT RUIN UR HUMBLE REPUTATION OVER A GIRL.


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