Wednesday, December 9, 2015

UK Royal Family SCANDAL: Kate Middleton Conspires To Grab Throne From Camilla Parker-Bowles?

Is Kate Middleton conspiring to grab the throne out from under Camilla Parker-Bowles? Has Queen Elizabeth secretly hired an expert speech therapist to work with the Duchess of Cambridge?

It’s not a secret that the Duchess Kate is a terrible public speaker and Prince William is desperate to correct the situation. Royal insiders allege that Queen Elizabeth has hired a vocal coach to help Princess Kate become more confident when speaking in public.

Her Majesty’s father King George VI was a stutter who employed a speech and language therapist. Sources told The GLOBE, “William told his wife if the Queen’s father managed to beat his affliction, it should be easy for her to learn how to skillfully engage the public.”

Prince William and Princess Kate reportedly approached Queen Elizabeth with the idea and she readily agreed. The buzz around the Palaces is that a “well-regarded stage actor” has been employed to help the Duchess.

Camilla Parker-Bowles allegedly thinks this is all some kind of scheme designed to keep Parker-Bowles from being crowned Queen someday. Given even the slightest opportunity to keep Camilla from the throne Kate Middleton will take advantage of it. Becoming a confident public speaker may be just that opportunity.

Royal insiders have repeatedly revealed that Camilla hates Princess Kate and the Royal wives have engaged in shouting matches. Parker-Bowles had the audacity to tell the Duchess of Cambridge that she is nothing but a commoner and would never be a true Royal. This should be reason enough for a determined Duchess Kate to attempt to keep Duchess Camilla from the throne.

As previously reported Queen Elizabeth is in frail health and has considered stepping down. But those in the know say Queen Elizabeth despises the Duchess of Cornwall and doesn’t want Camilla to ever be crowned Queen. Her Majesty would prefer that Prince William as her successor but Queen Elizabeth isn’t certain that Princess Kate is completely ready for the plethora of Royal responsibilities.

What do you think? Are Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles gearing up for a battle for the throne? Are Princess Kate and Prince William conspiring to keep Charles and Camilla from becoming King and Queen? Has Queen Elizabeth hired a vocal coach to teach the Duchess of Cambridge how to be an excellent public speaker?

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