Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SHOCKING Pictures of Linda Ikeji Leaked Online

Linda Ikeji is a smart beautiful woman who patiently used her God given feminine asset and witty to amass wealth for herself...and today, we bring you rare pictures of Linda Ikeji leaked online which I am sure you have never lay your eyes on until now. Scroll down after the page cut for the pics:

Modeling comes with kinky know what I mean? *winks

Linda has gone far no doubt...she was once a 7up ambassador back then as a mod...

Every woman has a man who does things no other man does for

Linda wants classified men (the rich of course) to see something she has other ladies don't....Dan Foster and Dbanj take

This should be one of Linda's worst shots...

Nigerian rich men must have salivated over this picture back then...who knows?

This picture shows how far Linda has gone with the internet....way before most of us know what a laptop looks

When Linda Ikeji was still hustling to make it...throwback pic

Every female's photographer have a way of tapping current secretly...this guy did lol

Could this be the reason one Naija artist sang: "Nneka show me ya back'? hehe

This reminds of that oldies song: o baby wala kolombo or

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