Thursday, December 17, 2015

SHOCKING: He Took a Girl Home at Night, You Won't Believe What He Woke up to Discover in the Morning [Photos]

The story about to read will shock the hell out of brace up for the showdown and make sure you aren't holding a sharp object....because this guy from Reddit had the grossest night you have ever read or heard in a very long time, so get ready and scroll down after the page cut:

The unfortunate Redditor, who is in the second year of university, went to a friend’s birthday party, where he managed to grab a girl. He took the girl back to his house where they did the ‘nasty’ before he drunkenly passed out, blissfully ignorant of what was yet to come.
In the middle of the night, however, our sozzled hero woke up, with the funny feeling that his leg was a bit wet. Worried that he’d pissed the bed while drunk, he snuck to the bathroom to investigate. What he found will no doubt be burned into his brain for the rest of his life.
His entire right leg was completely coated in excrement from the waist down to his knee. He (obviously) began freaking out and checked “between his cheeks”, to his relief though, he was clean and “shit free”.
Reasonably deciding that the next course of action should be washing the shit off himself, he jumped in the shower and came up with a plan for dealing with the ‘shit-uation’. Unfortunately, being drunk makes planning quite difficult, so he decided it was it was a problem for sober him to deal with before crashing out in his roommate’s empty bed.
Waking from his drunken sleep, he sat up as the horrific events of last night came back to him. He rushed upstairs and pulled open the door to his room.
He described what he was met with:
The English language fails to describe the smell that met me. I was hit by an odour wave so powerful that I recoiled back a step, like when you open the oven door to a face full of steam. The smell overwhelmed my entire consciousness for a few moments, when I snapped out of the pungent daze I poked my head through the open door… carnage. Total Carnage. 
He immediately began screaming for his roommate who rushed into the room and spotted the diarrhoea disaster. They both began braying laughter all over the place.  Clearly the nasty stench had gotten to them. It was only when the roommate spotted his towel covered in shit in the middle of the room that the two pieced together what had happened.
The girl had clearly over-indulged the night before and ‘relieved herself’ in her sleep, all over the poor guy’s bed. At some point she obviously woke up, mortified at what had happened, and ran off before anybody could notice.

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