Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Selena Gomez Upset: Justin Bieber Begs Fans To Find Identity Of Instagram Mystery Girl Crush

Justin Bieber has a crush on a mystery girl from Instagram and is begging his fans to find out the identity of the brunette of his dreams – is Selena Gomez upset? The Biebs took to Instagram on Monday, December 7 and posted the photo of a very pretty lady with the caption, “OMG Who is this!!”

Now social media is jumping to figure out the identity of Justin’s dream girl in hopes that they can connect.

It was love at first sight for Bieber and normally that wouldn’t be a problem for the 21-year old singer but in this case, the Biebs has no idea who this girl is. The mystery girl’s Instagram photo has already racked up over a million likes in the first 10 hours and will probably continue getting hits as Bieber’s fans either chime in that they want to know too or comment about how they wish to be the next Instagram mystery girl.

So far really nothing is known about the exotic beauty but let’s just hope the girl is legal. Justin may not be as lucky if he’s trying to pull stunts like Tyga did with Kylie Jenner.

Does this mean that Justin is over Selena Gomez and is no longer furious with Niall Horan? Not by a long shot. The What Do You Mean singer reacted horribly to news that Selena and Niall are a thing now.

Bieber jumped on Instagram after he heard that the One Direction star was seen making out with his ex-girlfriend. Justin posted a throwback picture of himself and Selena walking side by side back when they were together.

Some think the Jelena picture may not have been directed at Gomez but was a warning to Horan instead. Justin Bieber has warned Niall Horan to stay away from his girl in the past. Bieber didn’t mean just while he and Selena were together. When Justin heard that Niall Horan was hugged up at the party with Selena Gomez he was furious and he wanted to let Niall know that he was watching.

Now that Justin Bieber has had a few days to cool off, he’s occupying his time with other women so the Biebs doesn’t get stuck on Gomez. Finding the beautiful mystery girl will not only entertain Bieber but it’ll let him know if Selena really has moved on or if he still has a hold on the Same Old Love singer. We’re betting Justin will get a phone call and it’s no mystery that an upset Selena Gomez will be on the other end.

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