Thursday, December 3, 2015

PUBLIC NOTICE: No Mosque was burnt down by Pro-Biafra Protesters in Onitsha Yesterday [Real Photo]

Contrary to the sad and instigating news some online miscreants are peddling online that pro Biafra protesters burnt down a central mosque at Onitsha yesterday, we have just obtained the real pictures they claimed to be a picture of a burning mosque....and as you can clearly is not a mosque that's on fire, but some makeshift shops near a mosque....but the instigators in their effort to cause more violence in Nigeria, cropped the real picture out to make it look like it was  a mosque that was burnt.

Please let's try and avert this brewing violence and possible civil war by talking to the people in power to please dialogue with the pro Biafra agitators and release their supposed head, Nnamdi Kalu whom they are protesting his release.

Please Mr. President, kindly do something asap.....using Police and Army won't quench this but will rather escalate it because so many youths are jobless and ready to die to rubbish the effort of others.....remember, this was the mistake past governments made in trying to combat Boko Haram....they used force and we are still battling Boko Haram insurgents to date....let's avoid similar mistake......don't listen to bad advisers who maybe telling you to use force to clamp down on the protesters....same happened in Syria....and many media will escalate this and some bad international spies may catch in on this.....please let's play safe now!


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