Friday, December 11, 2015

Interesting FACTS About Nigerian Tribes that will Make You Laugh

Make sure you are alone while you read this and please don't pick offense, read to learn, laugh and make corrections where necessary:

Out of 100% of Drug Trafficking Crimes Committed by Nigerians
80‎% of drug traffickers - Igbo
10% of drug traffickers - Yoruba
Remaining 10%- Hausa/Niger Delta/Middle Belt

Out of 100% of Yahoo Yahoo Internet Scam Committed by Nigerians
65% Yahoo Yahoo fraudsters- Yoruba
25% of Yahoo Yahoo fraudsters- Igbo
The remaining 10%- Hausa/Niger Delta/Middle Belt

Out of 100% Prostitution Crimes Committed by Nigerians
60% of prostitution- Bini (Edo people)
25% of prostitution- Igbo 
15% of prostitution- Yoruba‎/Niger Delta/Middle Belt

Out of 100% Money Ritual Crimes Recorded in Nigeria of recent
50% of money ritual cases- Yoruba
30% of money ritual- Igbo
15% of money ritual- Hausa
5% of money ritual- Middle Belt/Niger Delta/others

Out of 100% Armed Robbery Crimes in Nigeria
40% of armed robbery cases- Yoruba/Bini
15% of armed robbery- Igbo
10% of armed robbery- Niger Delta/Middle Belt/others

Out of 100% of Kidnapping Crimes Committed in Nigeria
55% of kidnapping for ransom- Niger Delta
30% of kidnapping for ransom- Hausa (courtesy of Boko Haram)
10% of kidnapping for ransom- Igbo
5% of kidnapping for ransom- Yoruba/Bini/others

Out of 100% Terrorism Crimes Committed in and Outside Nigeria by Nigerians
99% of terrorism‎ attacks and killings- Hausa/Fulani
1% other tribes

Out of 100% Cult Activities and Gangsterism in Nigeria
50% of cultism and cult related gangs- Niger Delta
‎30% of cult activities and killings- Yoruba
10% of cult activities and killings- Igbo
10% of cult activities and killings- other tribes

Out of 100% Rape Cases Recorded in Nigeria of recent
40% of rape cases- Southwest (comprising of all tribes living in the southwest)
30% of rape cases- northern Nigeria (courtesy of Boko Haram)
10% of rape cases- Southeast
20% of rape cases- other tribes

Out of 100% Political Thuggery Activities and Killings in Nigeria
50% of political thug activities- Niger Delta
30% of political thug activities- Northern Nigeria
10% of political thug activities- Southwest
10% of political thug activities- other tribes

Out of 100% Infidelity in Marriage Cases Committed by Nigerians in Nigeria
40% of infidelity in marriage- Yoruba
20% of infidelity in marriage- Igbo
15% of infidelity in marriage- Hausa
25% of infidelity in marriage- other tribes

Out of 100% Political/Leadership Corruption in Nigeria since 1960
50% of political corruption- Northern Nigeria
20% of political corruption- Yoruba
10% of political corruption- Igbo
5% of political corruption- Niger Delta
‎5% of political corruption- Middle Belt/other tribes

Out of 100% Business/Trade Frauds Committed in Nigeria
60% of business/trade frauds- Igbo
20% of business/trade frauds- Yoruba
20% of business/trade frauds- other tribes

Out of 100% Corporate Organization/Workplace Corruption/Manipulation in Nigeria
65% of corporate organization/workplace corruption/manipulation- Yoruba
20%‎ of corporate org/workplace corruption/manipulation- Hausa/Fulani
10% of corporate org/workplace corruption/manipulation- Igbo
5% of corporate organization/workplace corruption/manipulation- other tribes

Other interesting positive and negative facts about Nigerian tribes
60% of Nigeria's music entertainers- Yoruba
65% of‎ Nigeria's movie industry- Igbo
70% of Nigeria's mega farmers- Northern Nigeria
60% of Nigeria's trading industry- Igbo
55% of Nigeria's scholars- Yoruba
51% of Nigeria's military- Northern Nigeria
46% of Nigeria's football industry- Igbo
40% of Nigeria's lawyers/solicitors- Yoruba
41% of Nigeria's Engineers- Igbo
45% of Nigeria's millionaires (in dollars)- Hausa/Fulani
55% of Nigeria's successful men of God- Yoruba
40% of Nigeria's blogging media- Igbo
70% of Nigeria's print media- Yoruba/Igbo
60% of Nigeria's transporters- Igbo
45% of Nigeria's successful surgeons- Yoruba

National Peace and Unity Facts
The most tolerant region in Nigeria- Southwest
The most tolerant tribe in Nigeria- Yoruba
The most peaceful tribes in Nigeria- Igbo/Idoma/Hausa/Yoruba
The most violent tribe in Nigeria- Fulani
The least educated tribes in Nigeria- Fulani/Hausa/Ijaw/Kanuri
Nigerian tribes with the most beautiful women- Igbo/Fulani/Kalabari/Idoma
Nigerian tribes with the best food/delicacies- Calabar/Akwa-Ibom/Igbo/Yoruba
Nigerian tribes with the most active youths in technology and innovation- Igbo/Yoruba

Note: these facts are based on my personal opinion and years of data collection online and offline, and it is not intended to spite any tribe but for educational and correctional purposes, thanks

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