Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Heidi Klum Strips Down to a Lace Bra & Panties for Galore, Reveals Which Female Celeb Is ''Super Sexy''

In case there was any question, let this be your answer—Heidi Klum's still got it.
E! News got an exclusive sneak peek of the 42-year-old supermodel's latest photo shoot for Galore, where she stripped down to her lace bra and panties and flaunts her ridiculously toned bod while perfecting the wind-in-hair effect. Klum shows off her enviable figure and killer facials (she is a model, after all) in various shots for the publication, ranging from an over-the-shoulder back shot to casually hanging out in pants and a bra.

All of this only makes it that much clearer that the German bombshell is gorgeous, and luckily, Klum explains that she fortunately never fell into the mindset of feeling bad about her body, like some other models in the industry have.
"Of course, I was sent away from castings, or rejected many times, and there was always criticism. I came to America from Germany in the ‘90s with big boobs and a big smile—that wasn't what was in at the time," she explained.
"I struggled, but I was never depressed. I thought, if they want me, then they want me, and if not, then they don't. I always thought, there must be a job I can do as a healthy woman, or I'll just go home. I always had my head on in the right place, in that way. I guess it's also because I wasn't as young as the girls these days. I was around 19 years old when I started modeling—the girls today get started super young."
Speaking of gorgeous women, Heidi revealed two stars she's in love with right now, and they might surprise you.
"I think Rihanna is super hot and super sexy, you know, when she goes to the Met Ball and she's wearing nothing but glitter, I just love that," she said. "Or Miley Cyrus—people always have something to say about her, but she's original, and does her own thing, and I totally respect that. I love people who are original, who don't care about what other people say. I think it's so cool when girls don't follow ideas of what they're supposed to look like, or do what's expected of them. Just do your own thing, you know? Just go for it."
The model definitely has her own success that is admirable to many, and with that comes a super jam-packed schedule. So what's her one place of peace? Nope, that's not it. It's actually the bathroom, LOL!
"I always find a tool to get through wherever I'm at. I do get stressed out, and I do get frightened. But I say to myself, no one else is going to do this, and I want to do this, or else somebody else is going to do—then it's like 90 seconds before you have to go on live, and there's just the sound of crazy applause," she began to explain.
"Those moments before, I'm really hyperventilating, I have no spit in my mouth, and everybody's around me doing things, and everything gets on my nerves, and I just don't talk. I try to focus. You know where is the only place I get some peace? When I go to the bathroom. Those are moments I look for. I can't ever just sit anywhere. People are always talking to me, you know? Either I'm an interview, or I'm approving a photo, or my kids have a fever—the only time is when there's literally no one around me is when I'm in the bathroom. I'll just sit in the bathroom, enjoy the quiet, and think about everything I have to do."

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