Tuesday, December 15, 2015

EXPOSED: How Blogger Linda Ikeji Collected N240million from Dasuki

The rumors that a certain popular female blogger in Lagos Nigeria received the exorbitant sum of N240million warmed the Nigerian social media yesterday, with blogger Linda Ikeji trending on twitter as the suspected female blogger that collected the outrageous amount for unknown reasons...but a few hours later, Linda Ikeji wrote a short message denying that she collected or received any money from any government official...claiming she only got paid some few millions for political adverts during the 2015 national elections.....but now, the latest gist in town is that another popular Nigerian female blogger, a daughter of an ex Nigerian state governor who once lived in the United States has come out publicly to affirm that it is Linda Ikeji that received the said amount, with details below:

Culled from: Kemi's Twitter


But to me, Linda Ikeji has nothing to fear....she only collected the money for a service rendered to the politicians desperate to win the election at all cost and Linda only leveraged on her blog popularity to make some cash for herself....if I were Linda Ikeji, I will come out and tell the public how I got the money.....it is no crime to charge for a service......she gave them her rate and they agreed to pay for it...so what's the big deal?

Linda I am with you on this one.....fear nothing because you have nothing to fear....you are clean if you collected the said amount for adverts.....it doesn't who paid....you didn't use gun to collect it from them.

Keep shinning sister...the Lord is with you!

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