Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SHOCKING: "I Am Happy The Monster Called Abubakar Audu Is Dead" -Twitter User "Sugarbelly" [SEE TWEETS]

The death of APC Kogi State gubernatorial candidate, Prince Abubakar Audu has generated so much drama than anyone would have expected, as a certain lady, identified as Empress expressed her joy over the sudden death of Prince Audu event. The lady, on her twitter handle @Empress Sugabelly, recounted her ordeal with the family of the late politician, where she claimed that his son had molested her and how she was also drowned. In her tweets, she said,

“The Prince Audu I knew was a monster. I am glad he is dead, and I spit and dance on his grave.

“I’m so happy he died. God please hurry up and take Mustapha, Kabir and Bashir too, and that their animal of a cousin called Jibrin. As if addressing one of the sons Mustapha directly, she penned down, “Your daddy is dead Mustapha.”She also went on to say those who think she is happy the Prince died because of politics are unserious people. The said Empress went further to allege that the deceased’s son molested her sexually. She said she was just 17 years old when she graduated from a certain school, Loyola and decided to take one year to make ends meet.

According to her,
“I lived in Abuja and had just finished my first ever real world job as an intern in this tech company called Alteq. I met Mustapha there. His father, Audu, was the governor of Kogi state then. “I was the youngest person in the company and he sort of took me under his wings and he was nice to me. She went further to claim that one thing led to another and Mustapha allegedly started having canal knowledge of her, Empress added that at that point, there was no one she could ask for help.

According to her, “He will choke me while f***ing me. I cried and begged him but he will get angry and say I was ruining his flow. Whenever I did not do what he or his friends wanted, he would hit me and drag me by my hair. So I learnt to be obedient.

“He used to bring new friends every time. He did other unpleasant things like burn me and hold my head under water while his friends f***ed me, but that was only once or twice.

“I was in love with him and inside, I kept hoping he didn’t mean it and if I was obedient enough, he would go back to being the sweet guy I met,” Empress tweeted.

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