Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Michelle & Barack Obama Clash Over 17yr old Daughter's Party Lifestyle

Malia Obama is 17 and probably wants to do what other girls her age do -- hang out with college students and have a good time. However, since she's the President's daughter it's harder to get away with that type of behavior without the world finding out about it.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen Malia playing beer pong with Brown University students in October, and when photos of her hit the internet her parents became quite upset, according to the National Enquirer

A picture on messaging app Snapchat showed the teen standing in front of a group of cups set up for the drinking game. When a ball lands in a cup, a member of the opposite team has to take a swig. First, Malia is under the drinking age. Second, she's still in high school.

Brown student Hamiltonian Keurig wrote on Twitter: "Malia is playing beer pong."

Another Twitter user named Colin tweeted, "Malia Obama was taking shots and playing beer pong. LOL."

The tweets were later deleted.

A "political insider" told the tabloid: "The First Lady and the President got into a screaming match over it, each blaming the other for letting their underage daughter attend a wild drinking party.

"Barack yelled at Michelle and blamed her for letting Malia get out of control! He told Michelle in no uncertain terms she needed to rein in Malia and make sure this doesn’t happen again!

"Michelle snapped back at Barack, saying he’s a fine one to talk — after repeatedly admitting to smoking a ton of marijuana with his high school buddies!"

Meanwhile, the President and First Lady are also reportedly at odds over Malia's dreams of becoming a model. The teen, who is nearly as tall as her 6-foot-one dad, has expressed an interest in pursuing a modeling career -- much to Barack's chagrin.

A "Washington, D.C." insider revealed: "But Barack is horrified Malia is talking about a career on the catwalk. He’s always wanted both of his daughters to have traditional professions – like lawyers or doctors!”

Michelle is open to the idea.

"Michelle loves the glamour of the fashion world, and she thinks Malia could even be a movie star!" the source added.

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