Monday, November 2, 2015

Letter to Governor Ambode & Lagos State Police Commissioner on Increased Armed Robbery Attacks on Motorists in Lagos Traffic

Armed Robbery attacks on Motorists in Lagos Traffic Along Oworonsoki-3rd Mainland Bridge This Morning! @AkinwunmiAmbode @Omojuwa @rrslagos767

This is not funny anymore....what is happening to Lagos State? Insecurity has increased; especially traffic robbery.

Just this morning, one of NgBlog contributors escaped armed robbery attack by a gang of well-armed robbers on a motor bike popularly known as Okada.

According to the eyewitness, the robbers were many; all of them carrying short guns and shooting in the air as they robbed motorists on traffic queue to work.

They smashed car side glasses, dispossessed occupants of each of the numerous cars they robbed off their possessions, and this went on for minutes without any security operative intervening.

Please dear Governor Ambode, you and the Commissioner for Police need to do something ASAP before things get out of hand.

Lagosians can't just sit and be waiting for the helicopter you plan to buy for traffic patrol....please this is more than a helicopter patrol can do...Lagosians need you to beef up security around Lagos State like some months ago.....

All areas with heavy traffic in the morning and in the evening should be identified and well armed security operatives deployed to those areas.

Please his excellence do something ASAP! 

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