Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ladies, These Are The Reasons Why Men Hurt You

Good morning guys, today I have a beautiful article written exclusively for this blog by one of NgBlog contributors, and believe me, this guy said it all, and I would love every lady out there to sit down and read this article over and over again.

Read complete article below after the page cut:

Okay ladies, enough of the pampering, let me just say it and let the heavens fall.
I am tired of hearing ladies, especially our Nigerian ladies complain of guys not being serious with them or using them and dumping them for another.

I am tired of hearing ladies complain that there are no good men out there, say what???

Why won't you complain when:

1. You Turn Down Good Guys & Accept Playboys Just Because of Money/Fame?

Okay, this nice guy saw you, fell for you and even made a silent prayer in his heart that God should please help him get this girl....this his dream girl he would love to spend his entire life with....and he gathers the courage to walk up to you to say Hello....and you become deaf and dumb...you become so rude and snub him simply because he didn't approach you driving a Range Rover or latest Toyota Camry, and then you claim not being in the mood to entertain any male toaster...and just a few kilometers away, a very nice car pulled over and nice looking guy pops out his head from the driver window and say: hi pretty, are you going my way...and you become all smiles and blushing....I will be right back!

This guy finally gets your attention and the next minute you are in his car fantasizing of marrying him...and the next thing he takes you to his slaughter house and butchers you like a goat you are and moves on to the next hot girl in town waiting for Drake....and the circle continues and you ladies still have the gut to say all guys are bad, say what???

Meanwhile, some broke guys and other guys who haven't acquired a car yet are somewhere watching how these brothers with rides are pooling ladies of all class just because they own a nice ride, and they say to themselves: so if I get a car tomorrow, all ladies belongs to me? Gracias! And finally when they acquire a car tomorrow, they know they have become every lady's dream man, and they think back and remember how ladies used to treat them like poo and snub them, and guess what? Its payback time!

And then in the process, both the innocent and the guilty ladies pay for it.

2. You still select men based on their height:

Holla....holla....I am not saying its wrong for you to have your specification as a lady....but remember the law of demand and supply? Since every lady wants the tall guy....it is easy for the tall guy to become a playboy out of high demand....just same way most beautiful girls become play girls out high demand; its a simple logic, so don't complain when you reject a short or average-height guy and accept a tall guy who later dumps you for another....life continues you know?

3. You have nothing to offer: oh oh, I didn't tell you? Guys are now looking beyond physical beauty when they want to settle down or commit....so don't be fooled, those big ass, big breast, big everything won't keep a man committed to you, at least, a lot of girls are carrying bigger and hotter assets than yours, so?

And this is where most Nigerian ladies get it wrong; you want a man to settle down with you, but you have no job, no handwork, no business, and the job, handwork or business you have, you don't even take it serious because you believe it is the responsibility of a man to carry all your financial burden, I laugh in Arabic, lol.

Sister, please go get something doing and be economically relevant!

4. You are a liability to men: why would a sane man take you serious when you demand money for transport fare, sanitary pad, makeup kit, underwear, hairdo, wig, shoes, clothes, nail fixing, and even feeding?

Check around and ask yourself: how many celebrity today are getting married to broke girls? How many celebrity men today are dating girls who aren't also popular or from rich family? I am sure none you can remember?

This goes to tell you that things have changed....ladies abused the privilege...so rich guys now want to date and marry their fellow rich ladies or at worst, ladies from rich family background, and you know why? To save them the stress of spending unnecessarily on a girl in the name of dating.

Bring more value to your relationship and watch the guy die for you...sex is not enough...your hot body is not enough...offer him other values...help him grow in his career, business or handwork...help him discover his focus in life....don't always demand from him, sometimes surprise him and give him....spend on him....don't always claim broke and needy....sometimes make him understand that you too are financially able.

5. You are too pompous: pride they say, come before a fall! Its so unfortunate that most ladies today (especially the ones that feel they are beautitful) are so arrogant and irritating.

So don't expect any man to put up with your arrogant attitude for too long; the moment he sees an opportunity to flee, he will do so asap!

6. You are greedy! Yes, you!

Out of greed to have a rich guy who will be spending hugely on you, you end up rejecting serious-minded single guys ready to take the bullet for you, and then you go ahead and accept randy married guys, lol...I am still laughing in Chinese.....huhachunkasukamahaha

...and you go crying fowl; he never told me he was married...he lied to me....he deceived me....why won't he lie to you and deceive you, huh?

How can you meet a guy, 35yrs and above....riding this pretty car...have this great job/business...and in your small mind you assume that he is single and been waiting for you the most beautiful girl in Kubuku land right? Lol

Before you throw yourself to such men, please make a thorough investigation about him....don't just believe what he told you...do your own findings....know his place of worship....tell him to take you to his house....try and meet one or two of his siblings, possibly the female ones....if he is talking about marriage, try and meet his parents first.

His neighbours might also help you out but play with caution to avoid appearing like a stalker.

7. You have high expectations!

Don't be fooled by the city buzz; reduce your expectation from guys! Don't set your expectation too high just because in your workplace or environment, all the men there are rich, so when you see them drive pass with their wife, you go fantasizing....holla...holla....have you asked where they and that woman they are driving with started from? Some started from the slum!

Some came from remote villages...and that woman you saw with them stuck with them right from the slum.

I am not saying you must date and marry a guy from the slum, nope....but sister be wise...it is easier to find a male soulmate in low-key environment than in a highbrow area....most men living in highbrow areas already have a woman they grew up with or suffered with and only want to catch fun with the so-called hot chicks, so if you want to be their sex toy, then stop complaining and play along.

8. You don't look beyond your environment!

Because you are working in shell or Mobil doesn't mean you must date and marry a guy working in shell or mobil!

Because you are an actress doesn't mean you must date and marry an actor!

Men love diversity....men don't usually fancy being in same field or pedigree with their woman....if you are a showbiz lady, stop dating showbiz and entertainment guys and consider guys from other fields who have good understanding.

Stop dating your colleague, he won't marry you! Very rare for him to!

He is just using you to cure horny moments, lol

Because you are a banker doesn't mean the only men eligible to date you are top bankers, lol....then be ready for heartbreaks!

9. Hey sister, come down from your horse!

You have raised yourself so high that it has become impossible for normal guys searching honestly for a lady to commit to, to reach you.

This is the number problem most rich and celebrity ladies have.

It is different for celebrity and rich men because men don't care...they can stoop so low to approach a poor bartender they admire....but can a rich lady do same? Hell to the no!

And that is the problem with being rich and single as a woman!

So if you want to meet real guys that will respect and treat you like a queen, sometimes disguise...sometimes go low-key and try to mix up in areas with average guys....because if you keep living your rich life, you will only be attracting rich married guys seeking for fun.

I know you are afraid of ending up with a gold digger guy....but I can authoritatively tell you that there are fewer male gold diggers....and to avoid them, go for working class guys....not really the fat-paid working class guys....the average paid guys praying to have a hardworking independent woman like you for keeps...go for them, they are many out there, but you must come down from your horse....don't expect to meet them where you meet Aliko Dangote....Otedola...2Face Idibia...Dbanj, Mike Adenuga, etc.

Best place to find such guys is in a church....work environments like Victoria Island, Apapa...don't be shy to give one u aadmire a lift if he's trekking or waiting for a taxi or bus....be free....I gave this advice to a cousin living in Abuja, and it worked for her...she's happily married now with pretty kids.

A friend's sister also tried this tip and it worked for her like magic...so try it and see.

I will be dropping my pen here for now, see you guys again soon.

From me to you with love, mwaah!

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