Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kate Middleton Cashing In On Royal Title: Queen Elizabeth Disgusted With Plans For Organic Food Business?

Is Kate Middleton cashing in once again on the royal family with plans for an organic food line? Allegedly Queen Elizabeth is disgusted with the Duchess of Cambridge’s latest business plan.

Even though reports say that the Duchess of Cambridge is using this venture to raise money for charity, rumor has it that this is Duchess Kate’s way of helping younger sister Pippa Middleton have a business of her own. The products may have the Duchess Kate’s name on them but most believe it’s just ploy to keep Pippa employed.

These foods that Duchess Kate and Pippa will be hawking are supposedly things that the Duchess of Cambridge cooks up in the kitchen at Anmer Hall for Prince William, Prince George, and Prince Charlotte. It’s all “just a concept now” a Palace insider told OK! and there is still time for Queen Elizabeth to put a stop to it, even though the source says “it will happen.”

Why on Earth would Queen Elizabeth let Carole Middleton attempt to exploit the royal family yet again? And Prince William is probably stuck in the middle of it all. Of course, the Duke of Cambridge wants to keep his wife happy, but his first obligation as second-in-line to the British throne is Queen Elizabeth’s wishes.

The Middleton’s can try all they wants to cover their tracks and pretend this isn’t all about Carole Middleton and Pippa Middleton, but let’s be honest, it is. Pips has been trying to make a name for herself since Kate Middleton married Prince William. But everything Pippa puts her hands on turns to dust, or so it seems.

Do you think Queen Elizabeth is going to let this organic food business nonsense proceed? Duchess Kate can insist this is all for charity but Queen Elizabeth isn’t a fool – she knows what’s up. And does anyone really believe that the Duchess ofCambridge whips up anything in the kitchen at home?

If anything these organic food recipes are Carole Middleton’s, and that’s doubtful, too. More than likely Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton have hooked up with some organic food company that is just dying to also cash in on the royal family.

What do you think? Prince Charles has been touting at least 200 different product lines for years. Camilla Parker-Bowles has a line of honey that is produced from her very own bees. Sarah Ferguson has hawked everything from her Budgie books, Weight Watchers diet plans, cookbooks as well as her most recent Duchess Discoveries juicers.

Is Duchess Kate in good company or is this new business venture a cover-up for the Middleton’s, especially Pippa, to use the royal family to make yet more money?

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