Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Glenn in "The Walking Dead" is Finally Dead?

Many viewers are confused right now…as majority believe that Glenn is finally dead…but I doubt and here are the reasons:

1. If you saw the part after the guy shot himself, it's possible that he could have fallen on top of Glenn and distracted the zombies.

2. In earlier seasons, the group would cover themselves in blood to "reek of death", which would cause the zombies to ignore them. If that suicidal guy was aware of that, then that scene could have been an act of redemption.

3. Glenn wasn't on the Talking Dead, which is peculiar as they always feature the dead main character on there.

4. Usually when a main character dies, they die in an "eventful" way and not by the coward who got the Everybody Hates Chris guy killed.

5. Supposedly on the Talking Dead (because I don't watch that), they weren't really referring to Glenn as deceased nor was he featured as a deceased character.
Glenn's character plays a vital role that can't be replaced in the comics a little bit later.

6. The death scene is ambiguous; you didn't really see him die, you just saw him crying with zombie hands tearing into "someone". The angle of the camera suggests that this was on purpose.

7. There's a photo taken from a bit later in the season showing Glenn with the group being filmed during a scene. I'll see if I can find it and post it here.

Glenn still has protagonist plot armour that's nearly comparable to Daryl's and they only "killed" him to build up hype and get the old viewers to return (much like Family Guy did with Brian not too long ago).

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