Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chris Brown to Lose Custody of Daughter, Royalty As a Result of Abuse and Addiction?

Chris Brown is an endless pit of problems and sizzurp addiction who might be on the verge of losing custody of his daughter, Royalty. New reports claim the has-been rapper has a sizzurp addiction that will likely cost him time with his only known child.

This all started when Brown impregnated Nia Guzman, while he was dating Karrueche Tran. In March of 2015 the news Chris had a 9-month-old daughter broke, despite Chris’ attempts to pay off his baby mama.

Of course, drama ensued and Nia fought Brown in court for months over parenting skills and money. Because Chris Brown is awesome at making good choices, Brown tested positive for codeine during the custody battle for Royalty.

Finally, in late October, Nia Guzman and Chris Brown came to an agreement and have decided to co-parent the now 1-year-old girl. However, the walking angry pimple is screwing up again. TMZ is reporting Brown’s friends are “extremely worried” about his addiction to sizzurp and use in front of his daughter, royalty.

The pals claim Chris has been drinking the codeine and soda mixture when he is spending time with Royalty. Brown was also caught mixing his purple drank and sipping it at Tyga’s son’s birthday party last month.

The media outlet pointed out several images of Chris clutching his cup of sizzurp on different occasions. One of those occasions was during a pumpkin picking trip with Royalty. An image of Chris posing with his entourage shows Brown sitting on hay bales, a cup of what TMZ says is probably sizzurp according to Brown’s ‘friends,’ sitting behind his right foot.

Basically, Chris Brown is still a hot mess and has a sizzurp addiction. And, because he is super classy, Chris likes to mix his cough syrup and codeine at children’s birthday parties in the middle of the day in front of looming paparazzi.

Brown might as well have shown up with a couple cases of Franzia and given them to the birthday boy while saying, “Happy birthday, kid! Here are some juice boxes. You’re welcome.” Of course, nothing says awesome dad like doing shots of DayQuil and arranging an impromptu photo shoot with your entourage while your kid picks out a pumpkin.

Photo credit: Instagram Chris Brown

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