Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Celine Dion Makes Her Dying Husband's Wishes Come True: Returns To Music Stage?

Celine Dion has returned to her Vegas show after taking a hiatus to enjoy time with her family and husband, Rene Angelil, who is battling throat cancer. Rene Angelil is in the final stages of his life, and the 73-year-old manager turned husband to Celine has made his dying wishes.

One of those wishes was for Dion to return to her Vegas show, and the ‘I’m Alive’ singer’s comeback began by selling out shows and winning the ticket war with Britney Spears.

Celine revealed the details of her life after Rene’s cancer and return to the Vegas stage in an interview with USA Today. Dion explained that while Rene’s health steadily declines, he wanted her to return to stage. “He wants me strong,” Celine insisted. “He wants to see me again because I’m his favorite singer. So he wants me out there, and I have to say that I’m ready. It’s hard. But we’re ready.”

Celine Dion returned to Caesar’s Palace in late August with a slightly revamped show. Her family is the focus of her performances, and Rene is said to watch from a special live feed that is broadcast privately to him. Rene also had a private concert Celine felt showed him she was ready and strong, no matter what happens.

Dion’s return to her Vegas show has been well-received. In fact, her Vegas competitors, including Britney Spears, seem to be no match for the ‘Loved Me Back to Life’ singer. Celine has been repeatedly selling out shows, and enjoying massive ticket sales – consistently beating Britney Spears’ sales.

Some feel the audience is more loyal to Celine and Britney’s super-pop star status appeals to a crowd who rather check out the EDM scene and hottest DJs at clubs.

When the time comes Rene Angelil loses his battle with cancer, Celine will be there. Beyond returning to Vegas after a nearly 2-year break, Celie Dion also promised Rene she will be there when he passes. “I’ll say, ‘You’re scared? I understand. Talk to me about it.’ ” Dion told the media outlet. 

“And RenĂ© says to me, ‘I want to die in your arms.’ OK, fine, I’ll be there, you’ll die in my arms.”

What a strong family! What do you think of Celine Dion’s return to Vegas and her new show? Have you had the pleasure of seeing Celine at Cesar’s Palace and herdedication to Rene? Share your experience in the comment section below

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