Thursday, November 19, 2015

An Open Letter from Actor Charlie Sheen on His HIV Positive Status

Charlie Sheen is ready to show the world that he is HIV positive.
Just after he broke his silence, E! News has obtained an open letter to the actor 50 years, in which he talks about his diagnosis and "race suicide" that ensued.

"There are about four years old, I started having debilitating migraines extremely strong," wrote Sheen. "I was admitted to emergency for what I thought was a brain tumor, or an unknown illness. I was partly right. A multitude of tests followed, including a lumbar puncture when we ended up m ' announce that I was HIV positive. "
He continues: "The news was a shock as I tried to convince myself that I was stuck in a parallel universe, or a nightmare, but I was awake That was my reality..."
"With the care and supervision of Dr. Robert Huizenga, as well as those of the global infectious disease specialist, I started a rigorous and intensive treatment. I followed the treatment to perfection, without missing a dose or advice, quickly, things have improved. Like any other blow in my life, I ressortais victorious and took precedence over the disease. I wish things still there. But unfortunately for me and my family, they only got worse. "
Sheen explains that the diagnosis led him into a spiral of abuse of all kinds.
"Disbelief, confusion, shame and anger provoked a descent into hell, albeit temporary, but terrible, full of abuse and alcohol. It was a suicide run. The problem is that I am too hard to start as a coward. Despite the descent into hell, I continued to take my treatment assiduously. "
If the disease regressed, his drinking was getting worse.
"My medical team was surprised to see each blood test show that I was in remission. I was trying maybe to kill me, but the disease, no."
A key information that Sheen wants to convey is that in spite of multiple partners, he never put anyone's life in danger.
"Around this difficult time, I chose (or paid) the company of bad people," he says in his letter. "Despite their reputations, I have always been open about my illness and I always used condoms. Unfortunately, my honesty has become their betrayal, I received letters of blackmail and extortion from them. "
"To date, I have paid millions to these desperate charlatans."
"Immobilized by fear, I chose to fall into their schemes using resources for my children, thinking that my secret was now safe (I was wrong)."
From now on, he wants to live in secret.
"Special Flash: it ends today I claim my freedom The wheels of justice will restore the balance..."
This experience led him to reevaluate his life and make a positive change.
"In conclusion, I accept that this disease is not a curse or a curse, but a chance to evolve and challenge. A chance to help others. A challenge to improve myself," he continues .
"Every day of every month and every year a lot of people go to work, care for their posts and fulfilling their duties despite their handicaps. The diseases, imperfections, obstacles and detours. These diseases ranging from cancer to lupus, the paralysis to blindness, diabetes with obesity. HIV is not treated different.
My days are behind me inveterate partygoer. It is time to be a philanthropist.Ernest Hemingway wrote, "Courage is grace the face of adversity."
I had my dose of adversity, up to the courage and grace.
Love and Peace, Charlie Sheen. "
For more information on HIV and AIDS and contribute to the fight against these diseases, please visit the website of amfAR.

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