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10 Most Popular Nigerian Blogs and Websites for the Month of November 2015

Hello NgBlog readers, fans, followers and secret admirers…*winks*….I hope you guys have been good? I know you missed our popular Nigerian blogs review…even you guys refuse to admit, lol, at least your mails say so….okay, let’s get it down quickly without much grammar.

Our Most Popular Nigerian Blogs review helps internet users, marketers and info searchers to know where to go, where to advertise, where to source for info, and of course who is winning in the battle of blogging in the Nigerian environment, and for that reason, we are bringing back the review together with upcoming blog featuring to help expose young and upcoming Nigerian blogs for free.

Now, see the full list of the most popular Nigerian blogs and websites for the month of November 2015 as compiled by NgBlog review and SEO experts:

Note: we intentionally don’t add websites or blogs owned by organizations, we only review and promote blogs and websites owned by individuals.

1.       Nairaland.com: for a long period now, this forum has maintained a top position in the Nigerian cybersphere, and its likely not going to drop from our projections. It’s a place to get firsthand information from real Nigerians, especially young Nigerians. The founder and owner, Seun Osewa really did a great job and still doing.  If you are an advertiser with products for the Nigerian youths, then  nairaland should be your first choice.

2.       Lindaikejisblog.com: formerly www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com, LIB has maintained the tempo as the most popular blog in Nigeria for years now. One thing that makes LIB a top blog is the personality of the owner; Ms Linda Ikeji. If you are looking for a firsthand Nigerian entertainment and celebrity news and gossip, then look no further than Lindaikejisblog. If you are an advertiser with young women as your target, then lindaikejisblog should be your first consideration for now.

3.       Stelladimokokorkus.com: we have a new entry this time, and its known as SDK in short form. SDK is another top blog in Nigeria. The owner, Mrs. Stella Dimokokorkus is as old as Linda Ikeji when it comes to entertainment blogging, and resides in Germany. She enjoys the love and followership of both young and old people cut across all genders. SDK has a unique style of blogging which makes it addictive to its fans. We have no formal advice for advertisers on this blog, but placing an advert on SDK won’t be a bad investment at all.

4.       Lailasblog.com: 2 to 3 years ago, lailasblog wasn’t on the list of top 10 most popular blogs in Nigeria, but with hard work, dedication, consistency and passion, Lailasblog has jumped from number 20 in 2013 to number 4 this year, which to me is a great achievement. The owner of the blog, Mrs. Ijeoma is a full time banker and also a full time blogger. Lailasblog fan base is growing so rapidly with the help of social sharing sites and forums like nairaland that features most of its post on their front page. Congrats lailasblog. If you are an advertiser, consider lailasblog in your next advert placement.

5.       Nigeriafilms.com: This is the number one site when it comes to NOLLYWOOD gists and gossips, and where most other blogs and sites copy their NOLLYWOOD news from.

6.       Bellanaija.com: Bellanaija is another unique and interesting Nigerian blog that made our list of most popular Nigerian blogs this month. This is one of the Nigerian blogs where rich Nigerians comfortably go to secretly check what’s trending in the entertainment and lifestyle sector. Talk about celebrity weddings, then you must mention bellanaija. The owner is a wife of a billionaire’s son, so you can imagine the rest. It’s a very reliable blog to place advert on.

7.       Naij.com: This website is supposed to make our number 4 list, but for some confidential reasons, it didn’t. Naij is more of an online newspaper, featuring news from all works of life- entertainment politics, people, culture, tradition, crime, etc, and is a good destination for advertisers targeting Nigerians of all age bracket and background.

8.       Naijapals.com and gistmania.com: these two websites made our number 8 most popular Nigerian blogs and websites this month, and if you are in doubt, you can check them out.

9.       Pulse.com.ng, Osundefender.com, www.ladunliadinews.com (formerly ladunliadi.blogspot.com)
10.   Misspetitenigeria.blogspot.com: another new blog entry that made our most popular Nigerian blog entry this month. The owner is a young lady by the name- Emma Ochanga.

Other blogs worthy of note:

1.        Jarushub.com
2.       That1960chick.com
3.       Olufamous.com
4.       Thenet.ng
5.       Ogbongeblog.com (very informative blog that I will recommend to any newbie blogger)
6.       Viviangist.com (a new blog rising very fast…worthy of visit)

You can check our 2013 most popular Nigerian blogs here 

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