Sunday, October 4, 2015

See The Man That Made Flavour N'abania Who He is Today [Photo]

Behind every successful person in life, there is someone that played a vital role in making him or her who that person is, and popular Nigerian singer, songwriter cum performer, Flavour N'abania is not an exception.

And the good this is that Flavour has not forgotten the man that made him who is today even in midst of fame and glamour, unlike many successful people who are so quick in forgetting how they started, and those that contributed in shaping their life into what it is presently.

No wonder they said that: 

"Recognising and rewarding people who contributed to your success in life is the greatest way to appreciate God, and a better seed for future success. Happy new month beloved friends and family."
Find out who made Flavour who he is today below after the page cut:

  1. Flavour shared this on his IG profile.

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