Sunday, October 4, 2015

Most Popular Nigerian Blog For The Week- CHECK Here

Hello to all NgBlog fans, secret followers, readers and well-wishers, I am pleased to inform you all that due to the positive response we have received so far, coupled with the frequent mails from bloggers and fans, asking why we stopped the "Popular Naija Blog" feature, NgBlog publishers have deemed it fit to reinstate the weekly Nigerian Blog Review feature on NgBlog, which is aimed at helping other Nigerian blogs get exposed to people to enable them grow as well, especially the upcoming Nigerian blogs with good content.

Read details on how to participate below:

To that effect, we are glad to announce to all interested Nigerian bloggers who wish to participate in this free blog promo on NgBlog, to kindly send in their blog url to qualify for the review.

A reader can also nominate a blog he or she likes for featuring on NgBlog, kindly follow the instructions below.

We will review each blog and select the one that qualify for the week, and we will contact the blog owner for some information before featuring his or her blog on NgBlog.

It's completely free, and we are looking forward to adding prize tag for overrall best blog for the month.

How to send your blog for review:
Kindly mail your blog url to:

Note: there is no partial, so no need writing us long epistle, just send your blog's url and leave the rest of the job for us.

NgBlog wants to also encourage all Nigerian bloggers to please focus on delivering quality contents to their growing readers.

Nigeria hosts the largest number of bloggers in Africa, and probably 5th in the world, so it won't be bad for us to mess our national blogging image.

In as much as it is difficult to be a frequent blogger without copying from others, NgBlog wants to encourage Nigerian bloggers, especially the upcoming bloggers to please try as much as you can to edit before publishing, that will increase your blog's ranking on Google, and its reputation amongst blog readers.

If you need any assistance in your blogging career, and you want to know how to increase your blog revenue, traffic, etc, feel free to contact us  at: for free guide and assistance.

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