Saturday, October 24, 2015

EXPOSED: How Jay Z Cheated on Beyonce [Video]

According to celebrity scourge Randy taraborrelli who has published a new 'tell-all' book. Becoming Beyonce: the untold story.

Check out some hilarious comments from fans around the world on this hottest gist in town below:

Astrology writes:

"Was anyone ever naive enough to think a rich,famous celebrity in the entertainment industry WASN'T cheating on his wife? I hope no one thinks someone will be faithful just because their wives name is Beyonce."

Michael says:

"That's a bad sign for most black women out there. That's BeyoncĂ© and she can't keep her man from gettin' some strange...and she's gorgeous and rich. 
Probably 100x less annoying too. Think about that when you're pushin' 3 bills and still think you're all that."

R says:

"i dont have to read a book to know he cheats on her. he probably cheats on a weekly basis."

Mattew says:
"Like they say, "I don't care how pretty she is, or how cute she is, somebody, somewhere is tired of her #$%$."

Patrick writes:
"For every beautiful girl, there is some guy tired of her shyt"

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