Thursday, September 17, 2015

This Nollywood Actress is Hard To Get By Men [Photos]

Before you go haywire on me, I didn't write this article...but came across it and was I felt like sharing it for my esteemed readers and fans, so sit back and enjoy the full gist below:

There have been hullabaloo over sultry actress, Bimbo Akintola, still being single, but the superstar seems not to give a howl about this.

According to Bimbo, she is not the type of lady that can be played with by men, who want to just have a taste of her.

She told Global Excellence in an interview how she handle men that come her way for something romantic.

“I simply tell them to go away and live their lives. I’ve got no time for them. See, I’m not the type of lady that you can call on the phone and I will come and meet you or send a message on the Facebook or other social media platforms and I will come and meet you. I don’t do it.

“I explain to people that it’s not done, it’s ridiculous and it’s not allowed. I don’t do it, except you want to jump in front of my car (laughs), you are not going to catch me to tell me nonsense.”

Some hilarious comments from readers on a forum where this gist was shared:

Hilarious comment 1:
"And that is how Aunty Bimbo is 40 and still single"

Hilarious comment 2:
"Now I know why some of these ladies remain forever single. This is one of the people Beyonce has succeeded in f00ling with her "All the single ladies" hit song."


Hilarious comment 3:
"Lol..... You're learning from ur past experience... U've been cheap for years! grin"

Hilarious comment 4:
"For your mind aunty cheesy, don't let us talk about the past oooo grin"

Hilarious comment 5:
"Yoruba woman too like shakara...

I will rather go for Igbo women...they are considerably easier and cheaper to woo. The only thing expensive about them is marriage, but who needs marriage when I can sample the koko anytime for almost free. grin"

Hilarious comment 6:
"I was expecting her to say she is still a viRGin"

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