Thursday, August 20, 2015

Revealed: The Special Edition Rolls-Royce SG50 Ghost Series II [PHOTO]

When designing the Bespoke car, effortless relevance to Singapore was
the key objective.
English White together with a coachline in Consort
Red was chosen for the exterior as it subtly represented the colours
of the Singapore flag. No expense was spared when it came to attention
to detail – the paint process lasted seven days, during which five
layers were applied to Ghost's body.

The 5.4-metre coachline also
incorporated a Merlion motif which is painstakingly hand-painted with
a squirrel-hair brush by the resident expert, Mark Court. Further, 21"
seven spoke, forged and part polished alloy wheels add a hint of
dynamism to the car's profile.

The interior is where the Bespoke team has paid particular attention
to – naturally so, as it is where an owner would spend the most time
in. Like the exterior, a contrast of Consort Red and Seashell colours
was picked to give a discerning nod to Singapore's national colours.

Beyond that, the iconic Merlion logo has been stitched to each of the
four headrests in the car, going through 7 renditions before its
design was perfected. A total of 15,080 stitches were made during this
process, of which multiple stitch types were used. In particular a
florentine effect tatami stitch was used to create a reflective
contrast, by bending the light with the angles of the stitching.
Additionally, a layer of satin stitch was also used to bring out the
fine detail and definition in the design.

When the doors are opened, passengers would be greeted by a highly
detailed treadplate featuring Singapore's skyline, designed by the
Goodwood Bespoke Design studio. Bespoke designer Michael Bryden
referenced images of Singapore's recognisable Central Business
District (CBD) and harbour to create an abstract interpretation of the
iconic skyline. The drawing was done digitally so as to achieve a high
level of detail that would have been impossible through a hand sketch.
It was then laser engraved onto the stainless steel tread plate,
completed with the words "Hand Built in Goodwood, England for
Singapore's 50th Anniversary".

Black Stained Ash was also chosen as the choice veneer for the SG50
Ghost Series II. An interior wood trim that is rarely ordered for a
Singapore-bound Rolls-Royce Motor Car, it took approximately 28 days
to produce and they have all come from the same tree.

As a hotbed where luxury trends have evolved and matured, and also
where there is a high concentration of the region's most successful
entrepreneurs, Singapore is a very important location for Rolls-Royce
Motor Cars. It is also why it was the choice location for its regional
head office.

The SG50 Bespoke Ghost Series II, however, is not just a celebration
of Singapore's 50th anniversary but also of Asia as a region of rising
importance and influence. In the first half of 2015, the Asia Pacific
region (ex China) experienced positive growth in sales of almost 10%
compared to 2014, led by strong demand in Japan and Korea.

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