Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Domnic, Linda Ikeji, Funke Akindele, etc Are Failures Without Husband

Yes, I know that this blog post will shock many of our wide readers and fans because in life, no one likes to tell the truth for fear of hurting people, but then, telling someone the plain truth can and will help bring them back to their right senses.

In that case, I have chosen to tell these overripe Nigerian single celebrity ladies to do the needful and stop pretending like they planned and wished to be single or single mothers for life when they were growing up as young girls.

Even American and European women they are trying to copy by forming feminist, miss independent, miss this and that, still desire to get married, and if you think American and European women don't desire to get married, then you need to ask yourself why Nigerian internet romance scammers are having a field day scamming these innocent foreign women off their hard-earned wealth that most times run into millions, just in the name of promising to marry these women, yet our female celebrities keep forming feminists that don't need husband or family.

We all know that you ladies sob to bed and wake up with facade smile to appear glamorous and happy.

If Tonto Dikeh can excitedly marry and be showing off her hubby, why can't:

Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Domnic, Funke Akindele, Linda Ikeji, etc?

Is it that you ladies are waiting for Aliko Dangote or Mike Adenuga and sons to come fulfil your fantasies?

Don't you ladies know that God blessed you to be a blessing to another person? Must a man be a celebrity before you accept to marry him? Must he have billions to be your dream man? Must he be a popular musical artiste for him to qualify to be your hubby? Do you ladies think money brings life fulfilment?

You are copying western women, don't you ladies read about rich and popular western women bringing down their pride to marry a not-so-rich or popular man and live a happy life?

It is woeful and shameful for any woman to die single without having a husband or children to sit beside her hospital bed when she's sick.

It is shameful for a woman to live her whole life touring around the world in company of no husband, no children, and snapping selfie alone and thinking life is fun.

It is shameful for a woman to die without someone that calls her- mummy.

It is shameful for a woman, a beautiful woman for that matter to grow old with no grandchildren, no husband to lay on the bed together and smile at each other.

Onyeka Onwenu was once a very hot woman...she was also on top of the world.....she made same wrong decision you ladies are making now....and you ladies think she is happy because you see her smiling in the public.

Save yourself from small handsome boys who are nothing but gigolo swindling your hard-earned money in the name of instant sexual satisfaction...and find a decent not-so-popular focused young man and love.

There are thousand and one awesome Nigerian single guys ready with no baggage ready and waiting to shower you beautiful ladies with love, but will you ladies accept him if he is not popular and on media like Dbanj?

Whenever I see single celebrity ladies like you all dating and falling for playboys like Dbanj, Iyanya, Kcee, etc, I weep because it seems you ladies' brains aren't well configured.

Who told you ladies that celebrity-to-celebrity marriage last?

Save yourself the heartbreaks and run from all these so-called entertainment celebrity guys whom all ladies- poor, rich, ugly and pretty want at all cost and find yourself a low-key responsible guy to call your own.

No one will query you if you marry a responsible doesn't concern anybody that Genevieve Nnaji married a young banker....nobody will kill you if Rita Domnic marries a young engineer....nobody will condemn you if Linda Ikeji marries that struggling web is time for you ladies to wake up to reality and stop pretending and living a fantasy life.

Tonto Dikeh amidst her controversial lifestyle seems to have more sense than most other single female celebrities....she got her hands burnt by the so-called entertainment celebrity guys and she learnt her lesson by avoiding them like is time for you ladies to do same.

Don't let your supposed fans deceive you into believing that its not a must for you to marry...that life is not all about marriage. Don't let them sell that crappy ideology to you...they are devil's agents sent to destroy your future.

Rita you aren't getting any younger....please it is time for you bring that man home and quit all the girlie is over, face reality.

Linda, you have celebrated and shared in the joy of many happily married couples in Nigeria, it is time to make your father happy by taking that man home to him this Christmas.

Funke, I know you and Ini Edo have tried and it didn't work out, but don't give up....make the right choice....quit targeting men in limelight and go for responsible young men with no media influence.

I am using these popular ladies as reference points but this messages goes to all the single female celebrities in Nigeria thinking that life is all about being on the media publicity everyday, touring the world, snapping pictures in expensive places and posing with influential is beyond that.

If your mothers didn't marry and refused to marry, will there be Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Domnic, Linda Ikeji, Funke Akindele, Ini Edo, Rukky Sanda, Ebube Nwagbo, etc?

Have you ladies ever thought of this before? Have you ever thought of the pains you are causing your parents and siblings by not settling down for good?

Don't even think that being a babymama is the best because it is not honourable and you are denying your unborn kids the privilege of being born into a stable family with father and mother figure and posterity will never forgive you.

Don't let Oprah Winfrey be your role is only successful black women that see it as evil for them to get married....their white counterparts do combine marriage, family and their success.

If you can't be found worthy as a wife by a man just because you were successful in your career, then you are a failure as a woman!

Queen Elizabeth of England who are you?

Bring yourself down...stop living a life that scare responsible men away from you.

Stop feeling on top of the world.

Don't you look at male billionaires and celebrities? In spite of their wealth and popularity, they still get married, have kids and raise children.

They still find a woman worthy to be their why is it difficult for you successful women to find a man worthy to be your hubby?

Please and please, you ladies should meditate on these words and make fast adjustment to bring that man home.

Any man or woman who can't manage career success together with family and marriage well is nothing but a failure in life

Wishing you all the best.

From a concerned soul,

NgozikanwiroBlog Publisher