Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dangers of Choosing a Marriage Partner Based on Financial Status or Physical Beauty

Hello ladies and gents, today, I want us to take a critical look at a very vital topic- why you shouldn't chose a marriage partner based on financial status or physical looks.

Over time, I have noticed an increasing trend among single people in Nigeria; every guy wants to marry a Kim Kardashian look-alike while every single lady out there wants to marry a moneybag that will meet up with her big financial dreams and fantasies of living in a luxurious mansion, driving exotic cars, wear the most expensive clothes and go on vacation to the most beautiful islands.

In as much as I agree that we all want to live our dream life and ensure our future is secured financially for ourselves and our unborn children, I also would like to make it clear that we should avoid trading our future happiness for financial wealth or immediate hunger of the flesh.

 I have always made it clear that success don't usually come by hardwork, neither does it come by being too wise...but by God's mercy and favour. If you doubt me, check around you, are all the hardworking people around you rich and famous?

What hardwork did ex President Goodluck put to become the President of Nigeria that many have killed to become?

Many people are so rich today not by hardwork but by luck, chance, favour or divine occurrence.

Making it in life is by grace....and to find the right partner in life, you must avoid selecting partners based on superficial qualities like:

1. Physical beauty/looks
2. Financial status
3. Height

I know it may sound flimsy, but many people have ended up in bad relationship/marriage because they were too bent on selecting partner based on the aforementioned.

Like I said earlier, it is not good for a lady to chose a man based on financial provision, same way, its not good for a man to chose a woman based on physical beauty, and you may ask me why? Sit back and relax as I explain below:

When you chose a husband based on the fact that he's rich or financially buoyant, believe me, after you marry him, you will sure get enough of the money...all that your hunger for money and monetary needs will be met, you will own that your dream car, house and wears, and then you will get tired of it; that's human nature.

And the next thing that will happen is that you will start to notice his flaws- his bad temperament, his quick to anger, his not always being at home; travelling up and down, his domestic violence attitude (if any), his not being endearing and paying attention to your opinion in things that requires your opinion and you start to feel irritated and fed up.

You start to dislike his personality. You start to notice that he has other ladies in his life...and if you dare complain, he shouts at you and shuts you up with: I provided everything for, so what else do you want? Of course nothing!

Over time, you start to feel lonely because that your dream rich guy you fell madly in love with and married hoping to live a happily ever after life with, only married you because you are pretty and he wanted to have pretty kids and a pretty woman he can show off to his rich friends during social function and nothing else- no friendship, no bond....everything was based on superficial desires.

Before you know it, you as a married lady, married to a rich guy start to flirt with handsome broke guys you detested in the past while start to fall for small boys on the street and maybe end up having illicit sex rendezvous with them and you may be unfortunate and get caught, and your rich hubby ends up divorcing you...throwing you back to nothing.

Now same goes with guys marrying a lady just because she is very beautiful.

I tell you guys, if you make that mistake, you will sure regret, why you may ask?

Because after you marry her, you will sure get tired of her beautiful looks to the extent that her beautiful naked body won't even arouse you most of the time and you will be wondering what has happened? It is nothing but nature taking its course.

Haven't you ever wondered why most men married to the most beautiful women still cheat on their beautiful wives;  most times with ladies not as pretty as their wives.

It is simply because they have become too familiar with their beautiful wife's body and are tired of seeing the pretty body of their gorgeous wife.

And once you get used to seeing her body, then that presumed love you developed for her just because of her physical beauty will fly away and you end up noticing all her flaws; her nagging nature, her dirty lifestyle, her over-demanding nature, her not accommodating your friends and relations, her lazy character, her not knowing how to cook and tidy the house, her sleeping habit, her increasing tummy size, etc.

But if you marry a lady or man based on his or her good character, manner and personality, believe me, you will never get tired of him or her no matter how many years you guys live together, instead you will keep loving the person more with time.

So while we all desire comfortable life, we must not short-change our future happiness with hunger for money and material things because I strongly believe that with time, patience, vision and right effort, every man will be financially buoyant.

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