Saturday, August 1, 2015

4 Reasons Why You Haven't Found Your Dream Woman As a Guy

Finding the right lady, is a dream of every man. There are some qualities you need to exhibit before the woman get attracted and come do to your bid. Below are the reasons why you're yet to find the right one.

1. You are not successful: 

Its no longer rocket science that women get attracted to rich men even if they're as ugly as the beast. A woman won't associate herself with you if you ain't successful, everyone wants to be identified with a successful man, like in the recent case of Obama's visit to his hometown. I am yet to see a woman who wouldn't love to be identified with a successful man, not here in Nigeria anyway.

2. You lack self confidence. 

This is another major reason. You're smitten by her, but lack the moral to walk up to her and express your feeling, isn't cool if you ask me . As your thought probably falls on her reaction. You need to boost your self confidence.

3. You don't dress well/look good.

A popular saying, the way you're dressed is the way you're addressed, this isn't fallacy at all. Though another says you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but women tend to pay close attention to the way you dress, they also get attracted to good looks just as men. If you dress like a pauper and approach a lady, my dear you're on a long thing, she might even regard you as a mentally imbalanced fellow.

4. You don't look friendly.

Would you woo a girl while masking an unhappy demeanor? Be friendly, smile, joke and be free, don't carry a visage expression of a zombie. If you ain't friendly, ladies might mistake you to being boring. And believe me, some ladies are allergic to nerds.

Am not saying if you follow the stated above that you will come across your woman, you might, or might not. It just the same like being kept in the dark, you probably don't know what you're missing.

Written by XavierBlue

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