Thursday, July 9, 2015

SCANDAL: Popular Nollywood/Yoruba Actress Caught in Lesbian Scandal? [Photos]

According to nigeriafilms, for a while now, the duo of Biodun Okeowo and her actress friend, Wuraola have been at loggerheads over lesbi@nism accusations.

The whole drama started when Wura accused Biodun, fondly called ‘Omo Butty’ of making love advances to her. Wura said she declined the love offer, which attracts 14 years imprisonment in Nigeria.

“In June 2013, Biodun Okeowo made love advances to me and I was shocked. She had slept in my house for five times and keeps trying to sleep with me,” Wura had claimed.

In a move to get her own side of the story, Nigeriafilms visited Biodun’s beauty shop located at Ojodu-berger, Lagos.

Initially, she refused to any grant media audience or speak on the issue, but after a little pressure, she finally agreed to spill the beans.

According to the single mother of two, “I have promised myself that I won’t talk about this issue again. But as you have convinced me that it is for clarity sake, let me let my mind out.

“The accuser, who is my colleague, really played a fast one on me; I didn’t see it coming at all.
“I want my fans to believe me. I swear to God, nothing like that happened. I didn’t do it. It was the other way round. The very first day Wura made advances at me, I stopped going to her house.

“I am living in a three bedroom flat, so why would I always want to sleep in her house. My house should be more convenient and comfortable for such rubbish, if I had wanted to indulge in that. I don’t want to downgrade her anyways. But she called for it.

“She said she has slept in my house five times and I always make advances at her; yet she keeps coming. Doesn’t that sound absurd?” she asked rhetorically.

Continuing, the ‘Ore’ movie star said, “I’m afraid of friendship. I don’t keep friends in the industry, I just gave Wura a trial and it has indeed taught me a bitter lesson. No more to friendship in the industry. It is so unfortunate I had to learn this way,” she added.

Biodun Okeowo

Wura Gold

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