Saturday, July 18, 2015

Natural Cure For Stomach Ulcer- Part 3

My journey with peptic or gastric ulcer began in 2003/2004 while I was still a student at the higher institution.

I will never forget my painful experience in the hands of gastric ulcer; at least not when I still get heartbreaking messages from people of different background and status all over the world, writing to either pour their heart to me on the pains they are going through due to this deadly illness called ulcer.

When I read some people’s messages, explaining what they have been through as ulcer patients, I feel down for hours, such that I sometimes find it hard to eat for the next couple of hours, and I also feel like taking away their pain right away because health is the most precious thing any human can have, not money, not mansions, not even the most expensive cars or jets.

Funny enough, most of us don’t value that good health we have until we fall sick.

In the cause of my sharing my gastric ulcer experience and how I got healing as a way of helping other people suffering from this illness to get healing too, I have learned even more than I used to know about this painful illness called stomach, gastric or peptic ulcer.

Some of my added knowledge came from fans who wrote me personally to share their testimony with me as a way of helping others get healing too.

So I encourage you to always write me back with your healing testimony; whatever that worked for you, please write back to inform me so that we can help as many people suffering this as possible.

Don’t withhold your testimony or experience, share it with me so that I can share with the world for a happier, healthy world for us all.

Today, I want to share another natural treatment for peptic ulcer which a fan shared with me.

The person that shared this testimony with me wrote to thank me for what I am doing, as she went further to also testify of how the unripe plantain remedy helped her mother in treating her peptic ulcer.

According to her, the challenge with the unripe plantain remedy is the fact that it is difficult to find the correct unripe plantain specie to use in some countries, which made her that dig deeper for solution before someone in her college tennis club shared this wonderful natural treatment for peptic ulcer with her.

Without wasting much of your time, let me take you straight to the matter at hand.

Pure Moringa juice can cure Peptic Ulcer
According to my fan, they call “Moringa leaf” ‘Kamungay’ or ‘Malungay’ in her country- Philippines. It grows on hot tropical climate regions.

Due to its natural healing powers, Moringa is known all over the world. Moringa has high nutritional value and also a good energy booster of the human body. It contains a bunch of health benefits that every human body needs. Aside its healthy nutrients, Moringa contains healing properties for skin disorder, inflammation, reduction of arthritis pain, control blood sugar level for diabetes, immune system booster, weight loss, control migraines and even heal stomach disorder, most specifically it has been proven to treat stomach ulcers.

How to Prepare Moringa to Treat Ulcer
Now that you know some of the health and healing benefits of Moringa or Malungay, I am sure the next question on your mind right now is: how do I prepare it if I want to use it to treat ulcer?

First, you will need a mortar, the bigger the better because you need to extract the juice of the leaves and drink half glass tumbler of it every morning before breakfast. If you don't have this, you can try the alternative by using a kitchen blender then drink the juice.

Here's how to prepare the fresh Moringa Juice:
1. Gather a handful of Moringa leaves and remove it from its twig. Take a look at the pictures below.

2. Wash the leaves in a clean water to remove the dirt. Please wash thoroughly.

3. Pack the Moringa leaves inside the mortar and start hammering and squeezing the juice out of the leaves. It takes a little patience to do this. Take a look at the picture. According to my fan, she used a small mortar available which had taken her quite some time before she extracted the juice. See the pictures below for a guide

4. Pour the extracted juice to fill half clean tumbler glass. You may add gradually on each day.

5. Drink the juice quickly, don't gargle or drink slowly because it taste bitter which you may not like.

You'll feel a little burning sensation in your stomach but that is absolutely normal. Don't eat for about 30 minutes to enable the medicine take effect.

Repeat this for 3 to 5 days and observe how your body is healing. I hope this will help.

You can write me for more guide or testimony.

For a more comprehensive guide on how to cure your ulcer naturally, make sure you get a copy of my ebook HERE




  1. Another way to prepare this unripe plantain remedy which some fans have tried and it worked for them too is using honey.

    Get the recommended quantity of unripe plantain, say 2 mature but unripe plantain fruits.

    Peel the bark off, sun dry or find a way to dry it naturally for some days or weeks. Grind or grate the dried inner portion into granules. Mix with half liter of pure natural honey.

    Take 2 teaspoon thrice daily before meals.

    This works very fast. Combine this remedy with cabbage juice and avoid the trigger factors.

  2. This is one of the Best home remedy !! and also look for some more good remedies in this site