Sunday, July 5, 2015

How To Cure Your Stomach Ulcer Naturally- My Story

Hi everyone, I discovered a lot of people have been asking for solutions, remedies and cure for ulcer. I have some tips and advise to give as regards to treating this painful ailment once and for all.

I have published several articles, ebooks and even videos to assist people all over the world treat their stomach ulcer illness, but it seems those materials aren't reaching enough people as I keep on getting messages from different people all over the world, asking for help on how to treat their stomach ulcer.

First of all, before you resume any stomach ulcer treatment; be it natural or conventional, please make sure you go for a medical test to ensure that what you are suffering from is stomach ulcer to avoid any further complication.

Once you have confirmed through a medical test that you are suffering from stomach ulcer, kindly read the remaining article below:

I suffered ulcer for almost 2 years, and I can tell u its not a funny experience, and reason why I have dedicated my time and knowledge towards helping as many ulcer patience as possible.
One of the painful symptoms of stomach or gastric ulcer are- vomiting, stooling with blood, intense pains overnight, chronic heartburn, etc.

Just recently, one of the ulcer patience I have been guiding towards obtaining cure for her illness wrote me to thank me.

If you follow the instructions I am going to give out to you here for free, you will be saying goodbye to that ulcer illness you have been suffering for long.

There are a few things you should know about stomach ulcer. I have seen a lot of doctors, and I can tell u, they all prescribe the same things. Antacids, antibiotics(flagyl, amoxicillin, cimetidine, etc) or a combination of d two with omeprazole tablets (meprasil, rabeprazole, ulcertret, omez, etc). Some prescribe Ulcer kits. Its the same combination( pyrox combi, ulsa-kit, etc). They usually prescribe dis for 2 weeks or less, depending on the intensity of the pain.

I have taken all this medications a number of times, and though it may provide relief for a while, it doesn't cure the ulcer. The worst part is the adverse effects of taking this strong antibiotics(e.g flagyl) which leads to stomach pain, vomiting, dehydration, loss of appetite and all. At times it could get so bad that you just have to stop them. All this things have their own effects on the body, its more complex for female patience as I discovered it affects their monthly cycle at times.

After a while, maybe a month or 2, the pain comes back and you begin the treatment again. Its crazy I can tell you that with authority because I have been there.

Anyways, here are a few remedies that every ulcer patient must know especially when pain becomes recurrent:

1. Stop taking fried foods( fried meat or fish, plantain etc) or too oily meals (fried rice).
2. Stay away from spicy foods( suya or barbecue, pepper soup, etc)
3. Stay away from hard and crunchy snacks ( plantain chips, potato chips etc)
4. Avoid carbonated drinks! ( Coke, malt, sprite la casera, etc). They cause a lot of pain for an ulcer patient. Take plenty of water instead, or drink yoghurt.
5. Avoid mint sweets (lemon plus, peppermint, tom-tom and the likes). Also don't take garri, or rough meals like eba.

Here are some healthy things you should do.
1. Take plenty of water. Take at least a litre of water every morning when u wake up. Thus helps to dilute the acid your stomach may av secreted over night.

2. Eat swallows more with draw soup, (ewedu, okro, etc less of egusi)- this is for Nigerian patients

3. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. E.g bananas, apples, watermelon, avocado, cucumber, carrots and cabbage. ORANGES ARE NOT GOOD FOR ULCER PATIENTS.

4. If u can get apple cider vinegar (ACV), its good for heartburns and ulcer too. Just add like 2 tablespoons of it into a glass of water. It gives relief. Research just showed dat antacids are not too good for heartburns.

5. Eat in bits. A little at a time, so ur stomach can digest it in bits. Always av snacks like biscuits, banana, with you if u know in case you are hungry.

6. Too much of some nuts, may cause pains. (E.g groudnut, walnut, cashew nuts.) NEVER eat ROASTED CORN. Its rough and can cause the ulcer to bleed, hence causing pain.

7. Try glutamine tablet [derived from cabbage]; this is for immediate relief. Coconut oil helps a lot too.

1. Grate like 8 unripe plantains in 4-5litres of water in a keg. Let it ferment for at least 48hrs. Take a cup at least 3 or 4 times a day, in the morning afternoon and night, and before u sleep. Its preferable if u take it an hour before meals. I have been using this particular therapy and its working wonders! Take it for like 3weeks or so. It has no side effects that I av seen so far, just adhere to d normal ulcer do's and donts.

You can get a copy of my ebook on how to do this effectively HERE

2. Cabbage juice has been found to heal ulcers too. I tried it but couldn't tolerate it for long cos it was making me feel like vomiting. Heard its good if u blend with carrot and drink. Its should be taken instantly for best results. Don't store d juice in a fridge. It can make u stool a little, but it worked well when I used it.

3. While this natural remedies are good, it doesn't mean you should stay away from your doctor. Make sure you have a doctor that's monitoring you.

Most of all, its all this things I av written require discipline. There is nothing like a peaceful mind too. Worry less, and stay stress free. Then trust God for a good health cause he is the one who gives health and peace!


  1. I really thank God for your life ,I believe God for this unripe plantain that it work for because for the past three years have being suffering of peptic ulcer.All those drug have tried no resuil it usually woke me up in the in night but I don't just knew what pushed me to Google for fermented plantain .l had started this morning.just be praying for me because I have under gone seriesof test in the years back ,but with iI be
    lieve am going to write you back my Testmony. Thanks.

    1. @Esther, amen and amen! I wish you quick healing and pray that God use this as a point of contact to heal you soon! Have faith and take are healed!

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    1. It should taste kind of tasteless. How did u prepared it?