Sunday, June 14, 2015

Obama is Not the Best President After All- Some Americans Called Him *Idiot & He Replied Them Here!

Whoever said politics doesn't come with criticims must be high on some cheap substance because even the American President Obama has revealed that he do get hate mails, and he always replied them, and according to Obama, some of his critics do call him

See details after the page cut:

The president admitted that he doesn’t only respond to the letters he receives praising his administration, but also the ones that criticise.

In an interview with Extra, posted to their YouTube channel, he said;

I get 10 letters a night out of 40,000 letters and emails and messages that we get, some of them are just saying thank you for something, some of them are saying you’re an idiot,’

When the stunned interviewer, Jerry Penacoli, asked whether people who sent the insulting letters are surprised by the response..The president replied;

‘I think sometimes they are,’But I try to address the concerns.’

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