Sunday, June 14, 2015

EXPOSED: Toke Makinwa's Husband Impregnates Ex Girlfriend! [Photos]

Hehe...according to SDK, Token has entered a one chance bus to Delta State, as latest gossip in town just revealed that Toke's hubby, Ayida impregnated his ex girlfriend whom he was dating concurrently with Toke but later dumped to marry Toke out of Toke's pressure though.

Anyway, let me say much, read the full gist as written by SDK after the page cut:

Toke Makinwa's darling husband Maje Ayida has impregnated his ex girlfriend Anita Solomon and Anita is currently in the UK to birth their child.

Maje and Anita

According to insiders Anita who is Half Lebanese,half Calabar,lawyer and runs a beauty salon in Calabar has been in a relationship with Maje for the past 8years but broke off with her briefly to get married to Toke.

The insiders say that Maje who is the sole sponsor of her multi million salon in Calabar has been making trips to the state to visit her.

I made calls to confirm the status of this story and my informant says

''Stella it's so true!!!!!!!! 100% confirmed. Anita is in UK to have Maje's baby. I visited her Aunty and they confirmed she's pregnant for a married man from Delta,one Maje.They are so disappointed in her because he left her and got married to Toke and came back to side chick her.Family say they dated for about 8years....''

I hear that Maje has allegedly confessed to Toke and begged for forgiveness but i do not know what goes on after that....

I am so broken by this news and i dont know what else to add....

So so so so disappointed and angry, so shocked ......feel so bad for Toke

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