Thursday, June 4, 2015

EXPOSED: Some Fat Lies Buhari Told Nigerians During Campaign Just To Win Election

As part of our efforts to hold the new Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari responsible for all his campaign promises and ensure he keeps to them, we have come up with a compilation of the things he said during his campaign tours which are gradually turning out to be untrue:

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1. I borrowed loan to buy APC presidential nomination form but my wife bought a wrist watch worth 10million naira, and also.

See Buhari’s wife’s 10million naira worth wrist watch HERE and more HERE

2. I own only three houses in my hometown, Kaduna and Kano and I borrowed money to build them, but I just found out that I also own another big mansion in Kaduna Abuja, lol

Buhari claims here borrowed to build his house HERE

President Buhari’s billion naira worth mansion EXPOSED HERE

3. I am broke even after I served Nigeria as a head of state, military state governor, NNPC boss and PTF chairman, but my wife donated drugs worth N135million to displaced persons in Yola early this year, lol

You can find that out HERE

4. I am going to scrap the office of the First Lady if you elect me as your president, but 2 days after I was sworn in as president, I discovered that I cannot scrap that office because my wife won't be happy with me, that's why I hurriedly released her official portrait as the First Lady because she didn't allow me to sleep after that inauguration ceremony.

5. I will declare my assets and liabilities publicly if you elect me as your president, and I will also encourage other government functionaries serving under me to do the same, but since I have been inaugurated as your president, how do you people expect me to still declare my assets when you all know that my wife has plenty money and assets that she helps me keep? But if you people worry me too much, then I will try and declare my assets after my 100 days in office just to satisfy you doubting Thomases, lol

Buhari promised to declare his assets and liabilities in public HERE

6. I will cut down on government expenditure and reduce the cost of running government in Nigeria if you people vote for me as your president, but unfortunately, as soon as I got sworn in as your president, I discovered that I need 2 people to do the same job of media publicity so that they can help me lie to you people and also cover up my lies because one person cannot do that big job alone.

7. I will make $1 = 1naira if you people vote for me as your president, but as soon as I got sworn in as your president, I discovered that it is not possible at all to make $1 = 1naira, in fact, I even plan to devalue naira again, lol

Buhari promises Nigerians to make 1 USA dollar equal to 1 naira HERE

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