Sunday, June 21, 2015

EXPOSED: Reason Why Buhari Refused To Appoint Ministers!

Its over 20 days now since Muhammadu Buhari was swon in as Nigeria's democratically elected President, and he is yet to announce his cabinet members.

This of course has generated a lot of fuss and speculations in Nigeria, as many believe that Buhari's delay in announcing his cabinet members is really drawing things back and causing Nigeria to loose some money at the stock market as reported by the NSE some days ago.

In this very article, NgBlog and its team of volunteer reporters have dug up the major reasons why Buhari is yet to appoint his ministers.

First, the reason of internal politics and clamour for ministerial post nominees does exist, but that is not the only reason why Buhari is yet to announce his cabinet members.

One of the major reasons is the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari wants to merge some existing ministries and MDAs into one, and this is creating confusion already between him and APC top party chieftains who aren't so cool with this plan.

The major reason why these APC top party chieftains are against this Buhari's agenda is for the fact that this will reduce their stake in nominating ministers who will in turn help them fulfill their hidden goals and also help them in recovering the huge amount of money they spent during the presidential campaign for Buhari.

Of course, President Buhari is ardent on his merger plans for some ministries and MDAs like the merger of EFCC with ICPC, etc, but this agenda is not going down well with the stakeholders of APC who want to nominate a sizeable number of ministers.

As soon as Buhari is done drafting his merger plans for Ministries and MDAs, he will announce his cabinet members.

So for those who are still wondering why President Buhari has not announced his cabinet members, here you have it.

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