Friday, June 12, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Buhari Divides Germany!!

President Muhammadu Buhari has done it again!

Buhari in his press briefing yesterday at Abuja after the just-concluded Lake Chad Commission meeting called "Germany" Western Germany, and referred to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as "President Michelle"!

Reacting to this unscrupulous act of President Buhari, United States President Obama called Buhari and warned him not to divide America like he divided Germany!

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister David Cameron reacted by saying: "it is so unfortunate that Nigerians are so unlucky with presidents".

But let's recall that Buhari had earlier this similar mistakes during his nationwide campaigns when he forgot the name of his running mate, and called him "Osinbade" instead of "Osinbajo".

Buhari also didn't know the correct name for INEC as he referred to INEC as Independent Nigeria Election Commission.

Now the question is: if Buhari cannot remember names of people, organisations and countries, how then can he deliver on his numerous campaign promises to Nigerians?

Fellow Nigerians, are we sure we haven't entered a "One Chance" to Daura village?

We shall see.

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