Thursday, June 11, 2015

After Disgracing & Fighting His Brother For Strangers, This is What Rotimi Amaechi will Get From Buhari?

After taking all the big risk for APC; disgracing his Niger Delta brother, fighting everybody and turning himself to a street and stage dancer, it will surprise you to hear what Rotimi Amaechi will get from Buhari's government.

Find out after the page cut:

Our inner sources revealed that Amaechi will be heading Buhari's Amnesty programme for Niger Delta Militants!!

 If this is what he would get from the government of Muhammadu Buhari, then it's a let down. Rivers politicians who supported him are in trouble.

Information obtained from a credible but unverified source indicates that former Governor Amaechi may have been assigned to a position by the Buhari administration, and it is not any important post.

Specifically, the source indicates that the Buhari team consisting of largely northern elders tipped the person of Amaechi to fill the position of head of the Niger Delta Amnesty program.

It remains uncertain whether the Amaechi camp will ever accept such an offer. But reactions from Rivers State indicate that the Amaechi camp may reject the offer, seeing it as insulting and degrading.

The source indicates that the Buhari team has decided to fill their cabinet with loyalist to the ‘northern agenda’ and the Buhari agenda – rather than those who worked tirelessly for the victory.

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