Sunday, May 31, 2015

WICKEDNESS OF MEN: How Wizkid Dumped His Old Girlfriend The Moment He Became Famous! [Photos]

When some ladies decide to date only rich men, young guys complain, but this very article is a clear justification for ladies who don’t want to date guys while they are broke hoping to remain with him when he finally makes it in life.

Pictured above is now-popular Nigeria’s young music artiste, Wizkid with his first girlfriend whom he was dating back in the days he was still trekking the streets of Surulere trying to find his way in life, but the moment Wizkid became famous and rich, he dumped this innocent girl and started changing girls like wrapper.

In case you are wonder, the girl’s name is Sophie Rahman. Wizkid only featured her in his first video- "Holla @ your boy" before his eyes tore wild! Lol

More pictures below after the page cut:

His first girlfriend pictured alone

Wizkind and his recent girlfriend

Wizkid's latest girlfriend, Tania Omotayo

Wizkid now

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