Sunday, May 31, 2015

Meet Influenial Nigerian Old Men Who Remarried Very Young Pretty Girls & The Ladies They Married [Photos]

In this exclusive publication by NgBlog, you are going to see some of influential old men in Nigeria who couldn't resist the urge for pretty young girls, as they went ahead to acquire super-gorgeous young girls for themselves even at their old age.

Next time after reading this article, if someone tells you that money don't buy the love of women, I permit you to slap that person twice and walk away because ever since the beginning of mankind, women have also flock around influential men no matter how ugly-looking the men are; just like the case of Governor Adams Oshiomhole and his damsel one can call that

Okay, enough of my gossip, lol...see the full list of some influential old men in Nigeria who remarried pretty girls young enough to be their daughter or grand-daughter as their second or third wife. See list after the page cut:

1. Alaafin of Oyo and young wives
This influential Yoruba traditional ruler is sure a lover of fair pretty ladies, as you can see from his fleets of young pretty fair wives below:
Oyo  (1)
Oba Layid Olayiwola Adeyemi a.k.a Alaafin of Oyo with his youngest wife- Ayaba Badirat

2. Governor Adams Oshiomhole
The former comrade has been linked with so many pretty young girls from outside Nigeria, including the winner of Big Brother Africa the chase in 2011- Dillish, who also paid him a private visit immediate she got out of the Big Brother house.

And just recently, Governor Adams Oshiomhole shook the internet social media with his sudden wedding to a pretty young model from East Africa, you can see them together below:

3. Tony Anenih 
Former Nigeria's Inspector General of Police, and former PDP Chieftain, Chief Tony Anenih is no doubt a lover of young beautiful women; of course that's the next thing men love after acquiring money in life...their next hubby becomes flirting with young beautiful girls, no wonder we now have so many beauty pageants and modelling agencies helping to discover young beautiful girls for our influential politicians, business moguls, and the likes.

Okay, check out Tony Anenih's young pretty wife below; we learn that she is a solicitor who became a judge in less than 5 years of being called to the Nigerian Bar; courtesy of her influential old hubby I guess.
\The wife is 21, while Tony Anenih is 81, lol

4. Emir of Daura and his young wife
84-year old Emir of Daura is not smiling at all by snatching this young pretty lady from the younger generation of guys. Check them out below:

5. Billionaire Sunny Aku and Dabota Lawson
Billionaire businessman, Sunny Aku shutdown the internet some years back when he married ex beauty queen, Dabota Lawson who claims she fell in love with her old hubby, but why won't she pretend love when it is obvious that she went for the money and fame and since younger guys aren't coming to ask her hands in marriage.

6. Late Ikemba Odimegwu Ojukwu and Bianca 
The late Biafran leader and a retired top military officer in the Nigerian army challenged his friend that he will marry his daughter, and as man that keeps to his words, he did married his daughter who is now Nigeria's ambassador to Spain.
Late Ikemba ad his wife, Bianca

7. Chief Bode George
Former NPA chairman, and a PDP chieftain also followed the trend by acquiring a young pretty wife for himself. We learnt that he met the lady during PDP rally in 1999, and they clicked. She is currently the chairperson of NDLEA; courtesy of her influential old hubby.
Cheif Bode George's younger wife

8. Chief Rasaq Okoya (74yrs) and Shade (37yrs)
Billionaire businessman Okoya Thomas is another influential Nigerian man who also followed his colleagues to get himself a young pretty wife to keep his nights warm and blissful, lol, check them out below:

9. Hon. Rotimi Makinde and Banke Oyelami
The former Nollywood actor turned politician did shock the social media last year when he married ex beauty queen, Banke Oyelami who was still a student as at the time of their wedding.

See their picture below:

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