Monday, May 25, 2015

EXPOSED: The Truth Behind Kashamu's Arrest & Possible Extradition to USA

In as much as Ng Blog publishers and contributors believe in the fight against corruption and prosecution of all perpetrators of crime including drug related offences, we must also be aware that sometimes what may seem to be a fight against corruption and crime is not really as plain as it is made to appear, especially in a situation whereby some person(s) or group of persons tend to prove that they are untouchable and can deal with anyone who dances against their musical tone.

Buruji Kashamu is a victim of the later.
Every Nigerian know that majority if not all of the people ruling Nigeria (from national level to state level) since 1999 have their hands either soiled in:

1. Bloody military coup
2. Advanced fee fraud popularly known today as "Yahoo-Yahoo"
3. Drug trafficking
4. Crude oil theft

So to single one man out for heartbreaking victimisation for a crime committed in 1994 or so (when many of those calling for such man's head are also guilty of same or bigger offence as listed above) speaks ill of Nigeria.

Now, in case you don't know or haven't heard, Kashamu's arrest is beyond what you have been reading on the pages of daily newspapers.

What is Kashamu's crime?
Kashamu won a strong senatorial candidate who enjoys the backup and support of a former military head of state who sees himself as Nigeria's supreme god!

Ever since Kashamu won Otumba Gbenga Daniel at the last concluded general elections to represent his zone at the national assembly after May 29, 2015, the god-father of Kashamu's opponent has swore with his life and blood that Kashamu will never smell that seat of senate, as this god-father flooded United States drug agency with petition letters against Kashamu, demanding that United States of America revisits Kashamu's drug case and bring him to book by requesting for NDLEA to arrest and extradite him before his swearing in as a senator.

It is very shameful that Nigerians will allow some group of people to be pushing this country to any direction they so desires while perpetrating more evil without anyone questioning them.

Justice should be done; Nigerians should rise up and demand for justice and stop allowing some individuals who feel like they own Nigeria to be deciding things in this nation.

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