Saturday, May 16, 2015

EXPOSED: Reasons Why Every Young Ambitious Man Still Struggling Financially Should Forget 'Women' & 'Love'!

Be patient while you read this...

If you are a young and ambitious dude still struggling to get to the top, this write-up will save you the stress and pains of the so-called love we have been deceived about for long!

If you still think that there's what is called 'true love' or 'love without money or resources', then you must be living in a fool's paradise!!!cool (Quote me if you like!)

The truth of the matter is that what people in the past enjoyed as 'true love' no longer exist. Then it was possible for a man and a woman to fall in love based on personal qualities or characters without materialism attached to it! Those were the good old days! Our society has changed and any one who still lives in the past is not better than the village !!!

I have heard people saying often times that love or relationship is not all about money! To me, that's the highest level of trash and rubbish! If you are a young man with ambition, still striving and toiling to make it, you better forget about love and concentrate full-time...I mean 100% on your dreams and life.

It is so frustrating to see some struggling dudes killing themselves over love issues! What a life! Why spend the meagre salary you earn after working for 30 days like a donkey on a girl?  She tells you she needs a phone, you struggle to buy it! She says she needs money for hair, you struggle to give her! She tells you she needs to get a nice bag or pair of shoes she saw at a boutique, you struggle to give her! Be rest assured that you will continue to struggle endlessly in your life if you don't desist from such shameful and wasteful act! If you want to know the extent to which materialism has eaten into this so-called love, watch even the younger girls of today! Even those that are below 21 or 22 will quickly run away from you if you can't be giving her upkeep money, money for hair and phone, etc wink The mature ones?  If you don't live comfortably well, sorry, you are on your own!!! Except for those village girls that are not exposed...but seriously, not in the cities of Nigeria.

Before you criticize me on the fact that these women need to live a comfortable life by hanging out with only comfortable dudes, read the topic again! It is surely the same reason why I said young struggling men should forget about love and focus on their lives!!! When you are comfortable, you can have the resources to sustain your relationship because no matter how a woman 'loves' you, the 'love' must surely die if there's no finance to sustain it!

Adams Oshiomole (not handsome) just got married to pretty Lara Forte! Do you think she didn't see all the tall handsome dudes with six-packs before tying the knot with the governor?

Goodevening everyone!

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