Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MUST READ: Reminding Buhari of His Campaign Promises

As we Nigerians celebrate the victory of Muhammadu Buhari as the next Nigeria's president starting from May 29, 2015, let's not be so carried away by the excitement of a new government and forget to hold Buhari and APC responsible for all their campaign promises to Nigerians, which made them win the presidential election.

In playing my part as one of the information/media players, I want to once again remind president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari of his key campaign promises that won him the presidential seat. Amongst these promises to Nigerians are:

1. I will make 1Naira equals to 1 USA dollar

2. I will fight corruption to an end in Nigeria without being biased, tribalistic or partisan about it

3. I will give pupils in public primary schools one meal per day

4. I will pay unemployed graduates 5,000 Naira per month as part of my social welfare programme for the youths

5. I will pay the weak and the elderly every month

6. I will end Boko Haram insurgency within 2 months I assumed office as president

7. I will stabilise crude oil price at the international market

It is the right and duty of every Nigerian citizen to hold the new government to be headed by Muhammadu Buhari by his campaign promises and ensure that he fulfils at least 70% of his promises to the electorates...anything less is not acceptable and will not be taken by the entire Nigerians.


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