Sunday, March 22, 2015

Meet The Nigerian Girl Whose Boobs Almost Caused A Fatal Accident [Photos]

In case you don't know Saeon, she's an upcoming female artiste who did a feature with popular Naija music star, Wizkid and later went on rampage only simply because Wizkid also known as Starboi didn’t tweet their collaboration. I am sure the above description helped you recognize Saeon by now.

Seems Saeon noticed that she's been forgotten as far as Naija music level is concerned, she decided to pull a stunt with her boyd, lol...ladies and their assets, lolz.

Guess what brought Saeon to the news this time? Find out below with pix after the page jump:

The young singer took to her Instagram page to announce that her side boob is on another level and she recently almost caused an accident by revealing them.

She puts it this way: “Hey guys, I know it’s been a while but I just popped in to tell you that I almost caused an accident, like this side side boob steez is on another level.”

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