Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kim Kardashian's Father Who's Transforming Himself Into A Woman Via Surgery Vows He Will Become Lesbian, Never Attracted To Men? [Photo]

Bruce Gender Transforming Into A Woman – Will Become Lesbian, Never Attracted To Men?

Bruce Jenner is almost a woman, and nearly done with his transgender transformation – by the end of 2015 he will officially be a woman after he undergoes his sex-change surgery. The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star began making headlines in 2012 when he underwent an Adam’s Apple shaving surgery and began growing his hair long – since then he has gradually begun wearing make-up, women’s jewelry, and more feminine clothes. Although his family seems to have mixed emotions about Bruce’s transformation to a woman – he is going full steam ahead with the procedure.

Since news broke that Bruce Jenner truly was becoming a woman – and the rumors were finally confirmed, everyone has been baffled by the 65 year old’s choice. If he is becoming a woman, does that mean he is actually attracted to men? Was his marriage to Kris Jenner just a sham, was she his beard? Is Bruce Jenner gay or straight? It’s all a mystery to us, but the March 9th edition of Star Magazine has shed some light on Bruce’s future as a woman, and his sexuality.

According to this week’s edition of Star Magazine, Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman – but he is still attracted to women! An insider snitched to the tabloid, “Right now Bruce is still attracted to women, and plans to be a lesbian once he completes his transition. He’s not sure if the hormone treatments will affect how he feels about men, but right now he says that he still likes women and can’t imagine himself being attracted to men. He’s always loved the ladies. He longs to be feminine and pretty – and also feel the touch of another woman.”

Well, that solves that. Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman – and a lesbian. Kris Jenner must be beating her head against a wall now that she is legally divorced from her ex-hubby, because he is becoming a publicity gold-mine. What do you think of Bruce Jenner’s transformation? Will the hormones steer him towards men? Or will he just become a lesbian?

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