Thursday, March 19, 2015

Husband Organizes Friends to Gang-Rape His Wife While He Videos The Scene!

A husband in Sri Lanka (An island country near the south-east of India in South Asia) has been arrested for organizing his friends to abduct and gang-raping his wife and her friend.

The unnamed man planned with his friends and abducted his wife and her best friend, took them to the Madunagala jungle in Sooriyawewa, and gang-raping the wife with several of his friends.

The young woman is said to be an apparel worker. The police said the wife worked abroad and both the victims had been abducted in a motor cab.

The wicked husband is also accused of torturing the women. The man and his friends were arrested when a video of the rape became viral on the social media.

What is the world turning into? Na wa o

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