Tuesday, February 17, 2015

She Dumped Him When He Lost His Job, Now He Has A Bigger Job & She Is Back, Pregnant & Wants Him To Marry Her- Any Advice?

Someone sent this interesting story to me, please find time and read it below, and if you have any advice, drop:

The original story:

Dear readers, I am in a relationship with someone that hurt me when I needed her most. We met a while ago while I was still hustling on the streets of PortHarcourt. I was working in a small firm then, but I was doing all I could to make her happy. The job wasn't well paying, so I had to quit to pursue my Masters Degree and professional qualifications. The money stopped rolling in and we both started having issues. She became very difficult and eventually she left me sha, for no concrete reason. But I strongly believe its cos I quit the job. 
I still loved her, and wished she wud change her mind. Some years later, I got a job in one of the multinationals and was sent abroad on an official assignment. I met her again at the airport in London and we became friends. We started chatting and she visited me on a saturday. One thing led to another, and we were intimate. The feelings started rekindling, but I just couldn't forget the way she treated me when I needed her most and I am afraid that shez back cos of my wealth.  
Recently, she told me shez one month pregnant and am contemplating marrying her, but the way she hurt me when we were in Nigeria keeps taunting me. I keep having these flashbacks. Am actually scared that she will repeat the same behaviour in d nearest future even though it seems she has changed. 
Please ur advice is needed here. Mature minds only.

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